AK Party is still the first party

Published 08.06.2015 23:45

Turkey went to the polls and the results have been announced.

It would not be very reasonable for the international circles and countries that have problems with Turkey to rejoice too early since the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is still the first party with 40.9 percent of the vote, and it is in the most powerful position. With 25 percent, the Republican People's Party (CHP) remains a small-scale main opposition and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) received 16.3 percent. The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which is a nationalist pro-Kurdish party, passed the election threshold and achieved a considerable success by receiving 13.1 percent. Other parties received a total of 4.7 percent.

For the time being, the AK Party government is at work.

But what kind of a government will be from now on is a complete enigma.

Unfortunately, Turkey will waste time due to this election result. It will not be easy to form a new coalition government. Maybe early elections will be inevitable. A coalition government model consisting of the CHP, MHP and HDP seems impossible. And the MHP does not lean toward a CHP-MHP minority government. An AK Party-CHP coalition does not seem very likely, either.

If there will be a coalition, it will possibly be either an AK Party-MHP or AK Party-HDP coalition. If the AK Party will be part of a coalition, it is determined to make no concessions on the matter of being part of a coalition government, which would draft a new constitution. The AK Party is also determined on the continuance of the reconciliation process to prevent mothers' tears. It is obvious that Turkey needs the determined policies of the AK Party. The economy cannot possibly be managed by a coalition government without the AK Party.

And it is only possible through the AK Party's coalition partnership to sustain Turkey's recent successful foreign policy, which is honorably in the position of keeping the hopes of oppressed people alive. Following the elections, some international circles and countries and their media outlets, which are disturbed by Turkey's progress and democratization, have already started to write as if the AK Party has lost its power. This is a great mistake.

Turkey is not Egypt.

Those who overthrew Egypt's democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi in a military coup and those who signed $138 billion of agreements with the coup leader, current President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi do not have a chance to realize their dreams in Turkey. Those attempting every kind of conspiracy to control President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AK Party by manipulating the HDP could not achieve their targets.

Forty percent of Turkey chose the AK Party by standing up against those practicing all kinds of irrational cooperation with the HDP, which engages in Kurdish nationalism and which realized its target to gain votes by threatening the electorate through the PKK with the hope of repeating the Kemalist oligarchy that exploited the nation for decades in the old Turkey, and the MHP, the representative of the opposite pole.

In brief, their plans to seize Turkey and overthrow President Erdoğan did not work out, particularly the plans of those who determined some strategies and spent huge amounts of money in the U.S. and Europe toward this aim…

The New Turkey project might have to decelerate for a short time.

But no one should doubt the continuance of the New Turkey project, since there is no alternative.

It would be useful for the EU, the European Parliament and all the EU capitals to perform correct analyses in this regard and not to feel an early joy.

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