Is a new state of terror wanted in Syria?

Published 29.06.2015 20:02
Updated 30.06.2015 00:31

Recently, the dosage of the activities against Turkey in the EU capital Brussels has intensified. There is also a busy schedule of secret meetings on the agenda against Turkey in European Parliament (EP).

In the face of all these developments, I cannot help asking whether a new plot is being prepared in Brussels regarding Syria.

Media outlets and so-called nongovernmental organization representatives of the "parallel structure," which is notorious for its hostile activities targeting Turkey, have been spreading the lie that alleges Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq at all the secret meetings and negotiations they have been attending the last two weeks. And some embrace these claims as if they have found treasure and exploit them for their aims against Turkey, even though they actually know that this black propaganda is not true.

Although they are well aware of Turkey's sensitivity regarding the fight against ISIS, diplomats of some EU member countries and some EP members who reiterate the lie that is systematically spread by the "parallel structure," which is the middle-man of Israel, do their part in the Syrian plot. But as I underlined, the intelligence services of the countries where these persons and circles are based actually know very well and closely monitor Turkey's earnest struggle against ISIS.There are enough U.S., British, German, French and other intelligence services in the region. It is even known that they have enough sources within ISIS. In recent months, Turkey issued an announcement regarding the records of phone conversations between ISIS and foreign intelligence services.

If those listening to the lies told about Turkey in Brussels were sincere, they would obtain information directly from their own intelligence services regarding the subject.

However, it is evident that their aim is not to find out the truth.

The actual target is to activate the Syrian wing of the operation that was initiated to undermine Turkey.

Not only is the terror of ISIS present in Syria. Also, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is the Syrian wing of Turkey's PKK, and its military People's Protection Units (YPG) wing, which is as dangerous as ISIS, are terrorizing civilians.

The Syrian President Bashar Assad, who has shed the blood of and claimed the lives of thousands of Syrians, is still terrorizing the lands his forces dominate. Meanwhile, he seeks the help of ISIS, the PYD and the YPG to win his fight against the Free Syrian Army, which fights for democracy in Syria.

Turkmens, who are valiantly resisting ISIS terrorism, are now witnessing that they are also being tyrannized by the PYD and YPG after these two organizations seized lands from ISIS.

Assad is determined to exterminate Sunnis in Syria, while ISIS is determined to exterminate anyone that does not support them.

The PYD and YPG also regard everyone other than Kurds as enemies.

There is only one country taking a stance against all these terrorist organizations, and not hesitating to combat them if necessary, and that is Turkey.

Turkey is resisting on its own for democracy and human rights in this difficult region in both military and humanitarian terms. It is fighting against terrorism on its own.

One must be either blind or disposed to evil to claim that Turkey helps ISIS, which has not been targeted by Israel from the day it emerged, does not pose any threat to Israel and interestingly, exterminates all the factors that are not favored by Israel.

In fact, Turkey is the only country hosting 194,000 civilians from Kobani alone. It has sent 1,933 vans of equipment for humanitarian aid since Sept. 19, 2014 to those trying to sustain their lives in the region.

But it is obvious that the aim is not to see and appreciate this fact. The actual target is to make use of the chaos prevalent in the region and the instability created after June 7 general elections in Turkey and to allow the formation of a Kurdish state in the north of Syria, which would be united with the north of Iraq afterward.

Western countries that claim to be the apostles of democracy are about to create new bloodbaths for the sake of their own economic interests by disregarding democracy and human rights once again. They are supporting the PYD and YPG with weapons aid, sustaining Assad with the excuse that he fights ISIS, not engaging in any land operation to eradicate ISIS and forming a new region in the north of Syria that poses a threat to Turkey. To what extent do these activities accord with fighting terrorism?

So, under such circumstances, no one should be surprised if Turkey takes military measures in the region to protect all the non-Kurds living in the region and to prevent its national interests from being threatened.

And no one should blame Turkey for this, although they have already prepared themselves to charge Turkey with it. But no matter what they do, they must bear in mind that Turkey is a state that cannot remain indifferent when its national interests are at stake.

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