Democracy won, terrorism lost

Published 03.11.2015 02:22

The early election held on Nov. 1 has one winner only, and that winner is democracy, while terror and its proponents have turned out to be the losers of these elections.

The electorate taught a perfect lesson to some European politicians who had recently issued statements on Turkey's elections in various European cities and called on people to vote for the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), an ethnic Kurdish nationalist party that backs the outlawed PKK. The electorate cast ballots and made their choice with a large rate of participation that can be only admired or envied by European countries that attempt to teach a lesson in democracy to Turkey in their own way whenever possible.

The electorate did not want to leave their future to an unhealthy coalition government, which some fear would create new tension each day. The desire to maintain stability in the country was one of the main causes of voters inclining to the Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

Another reason was the yearning for peace. The electorate, aware of the value of the days when mothers stopped shedding tears since they stopped losing their sons to terror in recent years, saw the true color of the HDP under the control of the war barons of the PKK, which sabotaged the reconciliation process after the June 7 elections. The electorate did not forgive the HDP since it supported the PKK's violent terrorist assaults, although the HDP received votes from large masses by promising peace before June 7. The HDP lost 1 million votes since it did not take a stance against PKK terror.

The people also saw in the aftermath of the June 7 elections that the Republican People's Party (CHP) is not really a social democrat party. The CHP did not take a determined stance against terror as a real social democrat party is supposed to, and also did not raise any hopes with regard to becoming an alternative to the AK Party since it attempted to flirt with the PKK-controlled HDP. Unfortunately, as the CHP is a party that has nothing to do with social democracy and does not have any real grasp of democracy, its chairman, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, proved the electorate right by announcing that he would not resign after his latest election defeat, which is the latest of many others.

The electorate, which taught a lesson in democracy to the HDP by making it barely past the 10 percent national election threshold, also did not forgive the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), which is the representative of Turkish nationalism, and its chairman, Devlet Bahçeli, who avoided all kinds of responsibility with his behavior. Kurdish nationalists who support terrorism and Turkish nationalists who only talk and avoid taking on any responsibility against terror suffered great losses in this election.

As a result, with 49.4 percent of the vote, the AK Party has achieved a great success and became a party elected by nearly half of Turkey.

The CHP had 25.4 percent, the MHP 11.9 percent, and HDP had 10.7 percent of the vote. They will continue acting as opposition parties for four more years.

It would be useful for the EU and EU countries if they carefully analyze the election results. The electorate, which elected Recep Tayyip Erdoğan president in the summer of 2014 with 52 percent of the vote, also made his party come to power alone with almost 50 percent on Nov. 1. With this choice, they answered the anti-democratic voices in the EU disrespecting democratic choices of the electorate in a way reminiscent of the "Ottoman slap."

The results of the Nov. 1 early elections are also meaningful for the EU since it verified that the public stands behind Erdoğan.

After 13 years in power starting from 2002, this party still enjoys 50 percent public support, which must be attentively interpreted.

Some circles in the EU that have problems with a strong Turkey and Erdoğan, who strengthened Turkey's position, supported every kind of anti-democratic attempt targeting the four elections over the last two years, including the Gezi Park protests. But each time, the public taught a lesson in democracy by using their democratic rights.The AK Party also received 55 percent of the vote from Turks living in EU countries, which is even more than the party's support in Turkey.

Europe's fascists and neo-Nazis are disturbed by this picture. And one of them issued a statement that could only be expected from a fascist. After it was announced that the AK Party received 69 percent of the expat vote in the Netherlands, the Netherlands' radical right Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders posted a racist statement on his social media account that reads: "The Turks who voted for dictator Erdoğan should go back to Turkey and enjoy the Islamofascism."

This fascist represents the Netherlands in the European Parliament. Fortunately, the Turkish electorate does not give any chance to such people.

Now it is the turn of Europe's democrats, particularly the center parties.

Almost all the Turkish-origin voters of Christian democrat and social democrat parties in EU countries chose the AK Party, which has to be taken into account.

On the other hand, EU country leaders, particularly German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU administrators, can utilize the advantage of addressing an AK Party government that received nearly 50 percent popular support and to a president supported by 52 percent of voters. As a first step, turning the dialogue they initiated with Turkey for the resolution of the Syrian refugee crisis into mutual solutions will favor the EU. Merkel, who has lost some votes due to the refugee crisis in Germany, should be pleased with the election results in Turkey since she can have a chance to make assuring promises to German voters thanks to the strong government in Turkey.

Instead of penning reports with baseless information provided by marginal consultants, the EU must now see the facts related to Turkey and respect the democratic choices of the public. All the obnoxious propaganda targeting Turkey has been rendered ineffective by the electorate, while the AK Party has received a vote of confidence once again and has been cleared of all charges against the party on Nov. 1.

Now the EU should give its first exam with regard to the Turkey Progress Report by keeping pace with this truth. The Turkish electorate will not condone another mistake by the EU.

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