PKK: The viper cherished in the EU's bosom

Published 22.03.2016 00:38

On one hand, we are delighted that a positive step has been taken regarding Turkish-EU relations, after waiting so long. The agreement made last Friday between Turkey and the EU is a particularly great achievement, not only for all the parties, but also humanity. Thanks to this agreement the struggle against human traffickers will get a chance to succeed for the first time. At the least, refugees will no longer be endangering their lives in the cold and wild waves of the Aegean Sea by handing all they have to human traffickers to take them to Europe.

On the other hand, however, we are grieved because even though it is well-known by EU security that the outlawed PKK engages in human and drug trafficking, the PKK was still allowed to set up a tent right next to EU institutions in the capital Brussels and spread their propaganda. The PKK is not only the murderer of numerous refugees that lost their lives on the Aegean Sea, it has also killed thousands of people in Turkey.

We congratulate the authorities in Brussels for apprehending the DAESH member in charge of the Paris massacre, but, for some reason, they do not display even one iota of the meticulousness they show when tackling DAESH when dealing with the PKK. This is impossible to understand. The Belgian security units that apprehended DAESH militants by shooting or incapacitating them when necessary protect PKK members and proponents even though the PKK is far more dangerous than DAESH.

What kind of a contradiction is this? While D

AESH militants are shot without hesitation, PKK members are allowed to set up a tent at the venue where EU leaders assemble. Is this double standard employed due to the different categories of terrorists they have? Are there different categories of terrorists, good and bad terrorists, for Belgium and other EU countries? Are the Belgian authorities, who are certain that DAESH is a terrorist organization, unaware of the fact that the PKK is also a terrorist organization? If this is the case, and I do not think it is, Belgian authorities should listen to the briefings from Europol or Interpol.

Aside from Turkey, PKK militants have also killed many people in various EU countries, particularly in Germany. The role they play in smuggling drugs to Europe is clearly expressed in reports from both security units and prosecutor indictments in many EU cities. It is known that the PKK extorts and terrorizes people of Kurdish origin in many EU countries. None of this is confidential information. They are explicit facts, widely known for years.

Our people living in Turkey and EU countries cannot understand why PKK militants who have claimed hundreds of lives by numerous heinous attacks in Turkey over the last couple of months are protected in tents by various EU countries and not returned to Turkey, even though Turkey has issued a red notice for them. How can a state of law protect terrorists?

Turkey has condemned the PKK tent in Brussels being allowed, since the PKK and DAESH have massacred countless innocent people with their individual and mutual attacks recently.

On Feb. 17, 2016, some 29 civilians were killed in a heinous attack in Ankara; people commuting to their homes during rush hour were targeted. The ties between the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and DAESH were unveiled after the incident. I would like to underline this again: The PYD is a terrorist organization and Syrian affiliate of the PKK.

Again in Ankara on March 13, another attack killed 37 people. This time the civilians waiting at a bus stop and a bus full of people was targeted. It was later proven that the female militant who perpetrated the attack was from the PKK and trained by the People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria.

On March 19, civilians were again targeted by a suicide bomber in Istanbul. The attack killed four people and left many injured. It turned out that DAESH was behind the attack. So, Turkey has been targeted by terrorist organizations including DAESH, the PKK and the PYD, since the country does not make any distinction or categorization between terrorist groups. In short, Turkey opposes all terrorist activities and groups. Meanwhile, what is the EU doing?

Claiming that they are against terrorism even though they pick one terrorist group to fight against, EU countries are nurturing the PKK and PYD in their backyard. They justify their practice with a falsehood; by saying they protect the PKK and the PYD since those two groups fight against DAESH. But they are either unaware of the developments in Syria and Iraq or they are simply malicious, because neither the PKK nor the PYD fights against DAESH. Contrarily, they are sharing Syria and Iraq in undisclosed cooperation with DAESH. When will the EU realize this?

In many EU countries, PKK and PYD members are subjected to VIP status. PKK representatives wander the corridors of European Parliament as they wish and spread propaganda through Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) spokesmen. Understandably, many Turks do not believe in the sincerity of some EU countries that convey their condolences to Turkey after each terrorist attack. When the PKK lately said it would organize attacks in Turkey from March 19 to March 21, the people of Turkey had to live in fear due to that announcement.

The EU countries that flirt with a terrorist organization that has turned Turkey into a bloodbath, killed innumerable innocent civilians and threatens the security of life and property in the entire country are cherishing a viper in their bosom, as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan rightfully said. Those who remain indifferent while this viper poisons Turkey and who allow the PKK to set up a tent should not forget that they might be targeted by the same viper one day. PKK militants, who are now freely settling and taking root in EU countries since they are protected, might target the EU some day and cause substantial damage, just as DAESH has.

Ankara rightfully warns EU countries about cherishing a viper in their bosoms because it will be too late when it is realized. We wonder greatly how some European Parliament members who flirt with the PKK and try to present them as an innocent organisation would give an account to the EU public if the viper bites. Flirting with the PKK is not different from cherishing a viper in one's bosom. Hopefully, this will be noticed before it may be too late.

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