Turkey, an already missed opportunity for the EU

Published 07.06.2016 00:54

Recently, those who remain silent or are pleased with the biased and hostile remarks against Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may not realize it, but the Republic of Turkey is aware of everything.

Since the mediocre politicians of EU countries, who dare to exploit the visa exemption as a means of blackmail although Turkish citizens already deserve this as a right, insist on maintaining the visa requirement for Turkish citizens, Turkish people rightfully question in the name of humanity the political ethics of the EU in the face of this disgraceful situation.

What Erdoğan said last Saturday in particular reflected the feelings of all Turks: "Germany, I am telling you again! First, you have to give an account of the Holocaust. How you decimated, killed over 100,000 Namibians in Namibia, you should give an account of that. You are maybe the last country that should hold a vote on genocide. Our history is not a history of massacres. Our history is the history of mercy and compassion. This is the difference between us."

Turks and Armenians are well aware that those in the Bundestag approving the resolution on so-called Armenian genocide do not care for Armenians or about the sufferings of the past. Even the most naïve know that their main concern with such decisions is to undermine Turkey.

Thee people of Turkey are tired of the double standards implemented by the EU.Although some EU countries have suspended all democratic rights due to terrorist attacks, they were not warned because of these actions. Yet when Turkey fights against the terrorism of the outlawed PKK terrorist organization, which has massacred hundreds of thousands of people, without suspending democratic rights and within the framework of the rules of a state of law, the same EU countries issue some statements which almost advocate terrorism. The Turkish people abhor this hypocrisy.

Those who remain indifferent to the latest incidents in France, in which the police violated human rights, blame Turkey for violating democracy when Turkey takes some measures to protect the lives and properties of citizens against those who shoot at police. In brief, why should Turkey make any self-sacrifice for the EU, which behaves unjustly to Turkey, Turks and Muslims, and casts aspersions upon Turkey based on biases, and does not keep its promises?If Syrian refugees, who had to flee from their country due to the ongoing civil war which broke out partially because of the EU, wish to stay in Turkey, the Turkish people offer them all facilities. They share their food with refugees. Turkey is already setting an example to the entire world in terms of humanitarian aid, regardless of any cooperation between Turkey and the EU.

However, the same does not go for the EU.

If refuges still aspire to reach Europe despite all the problems encountered in EU countries, this does not have to concern Turkey.

If German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government expect Turkey's assistance in this regard, they could have indicated that by preventing the voting on June 2, instead of merely avoiding being present at the Bundestag that day. They have made a great mistake by making a fool of Turkey. They cannot deceive the grandchildren of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror with Byzantine plots.

They want to prevent Turkey's EU membership, while expecting Turkey to block refugees from the borders leading to the EU.

They do not even keep their promises to Turks with regard to visa exemption, but still expect Turkish citizens to share all they have with yet more refugees, for the sake of the ungrateful Europeans.

In Turkey, not even a single person wants to do anything in favor of the EU since hostility toward Turkey in the EU has reached new heights.

I want to congratulate EU authorities. They succeeded. Turkey rightfully did not implement the readmission agreement, which was to enter into force on June 1, by taking administrative measures, since the dialogue for visa liberalization did not yield any result. In other words, the agreement was suspended.

We underlined it numerous times, but they did not want to see it. The EU imposed a change in laws regarding terror on Turkey in the context of visa liberalization. Turkey answered the demand in a way that the EU deserved; and Turkey will now impose sanctions on the EU.

If the EU does not keep its promises and do its homework, Turkey does not have to conform to the agreement. Erdoğan and the Turkish government enjoy the full support of Turkish citizens on this matter.

Before the agreement, the EU experienced the refugee crisis without Turkey. During the first days of the operation of the agreement, the EU witnessed that Europe was greatly relieved, thanks to their cooperation with Turkey.

Now, it is the EU's turn.

If this agreement is completely disabled, it is not Turkey but the EU that will lose. It would be the concern of EU politicians, who complicated the refugee crisis once again by failing to keep the promises they made to Turkey, to explain the situation to their electorate during their next election campaigns. It would not interest Turkey.

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