PKK, YPG do not fight against DAESH

Published 13.06.2016 23:30

It is high time the EU realized the facts. The leading countries of Europe, in particular, Germany and France, must give up their self-deception.

The European public should not be manipulated by the media. Some groups in the European Parliament should not hide behind lies in order to advocate the outlawed PKK and its Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed People's Protection Units (YPG). The governments of countries in the EU should not deceive their people with propaganda based on lies. If the EU public realizes the facts one day, EU authorities will have to pay a heavy price.

When the EU public finally realizes that they have been deceived and manipulated with perception operations and misinformation, they will call those in charge of the lies to account. Within the last two years, the EU public has been constantly misinformed. They have been told that DAESH constitutes the only problem in terms of terrorism and the PKK and the PYD's YPG have been fighting against DAESH. Some baseless claims go even further to put forward that Turkey abets DAESH, which is an obnoxious aspersion.

This ugly propaganda is maintained only to defame Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. It was represented to the EU public as if there are some good terrorists fighting against bad terrorists, with an aim to hide the realities from them.

However, the truth is evident. There can be no good or bad terrorist. Terrorism and terrorists constitute a disorder against all of humanity. Those who killed innocent people in France and Belgium are no different from those who kill innocent people in Istanbul, Ankara or Syria.

If the EU is really against terrorism, it must first of all provide exact and reliable information to its citizens. EU officials should bear in mind that they could one day pay a heavy price for pointing to just DAESH militants as a target since they have attacked Europe recently. If it is revealed one day that the PKK also has a role in a terrorist assault in Berlin or Brussels, the EU public will never forgive their officials, who regard these militants as their allies.

Those leaving Turkey alone in its counter-terrorism fight by hiding behind the lie that suggests the PKK and YPG fight against DAESH will regret it when the vipers they are feeding now hurt them. It is concealed from the EU public that there is currently only one country that fights against all kinds of terrorist activities on its own, and that is Turkey. Turkey's fight against all kinds of terrorism essentially favors the EU and EU citizens. Ankara is determinedly maintaining its fight against terrorism even though it is left alone by the EU and it has been stabbed in the back by some groups in the EU. Thanks to Ankara's simultaneous fights against DAESH, the PKK and the PYD, paying heavy costs on behalf of human rights, the EU public can breathe easily and has fewer problems in terms of threats of terrorism.

If Turkey did not maintain its struggle against DAESH, the PKK and the PYD, the EU would be targeted with more attacks.

The EU public should know that DAESH, the PKK and the PYD are secretly cooperating in Syria and Iraq. Particularly some terrorist attacks organized under the command Syria's al-Mukhabarat intelligence agency, which functions like Nazi Germany's Gestapo, involve DAESH, PKK or PYD militants interchangeably. These terrorist groups are mostly organizing attacks as middlemen under the command of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

Despite that, EU countries encourage the PYD to open new offices in Paris or Stockholm.

Germany clearly announced that it provides weapons aid to the PYD's YPG. PKK members and many militants committing innumerous murders can freely move in the EU. More than that, some PKK militants in the EU who have a Turkish "red notice" due to their murders are protected and not returned to Turkey despite the serious offenses they are charged with.

How would the EU public react if they knew that PKK militants were organizing in their countries just like DAESH militants, founding networks and planting sleepers in order to organize violent attacks when the time comes?

People in the EU will one day notice that the PKK, which is at least as dangerous as DAESH, is supported by some European Parliament deputies, and they even try to save some of the militants from police proceedings by removing them from the list of recognized terrorists. Which authority will give an account of it when the families of the victims of Paris and Brussels attacks learn that the PKK and the PYD in fact cooperate with DAESH?

There is a meaningful proverb: "A lie never lives to be old." When the time comes, when it is revealed that DAESH, the PKK and the PYD feed on the same source, it might be too late. EU officials and governments are letting sleeping dogs lie today because they are trying to share Syria. After how many more attacks and massacres will the EU realize the gravity of the issue?

EU officials are making a serious mistake by risking the agreement on migrants between the EU and Ankara in order to favor the outlawed PKK, which is about to be eradicated as a result of Turkey's determined domestic counter-terrorism effort. Having lost uncountable amounts of citizens due to terrorism, Turkey will make no concessions in its fight only because the PKK lobby in the EU wishes so.

I am sure the EU public will one day understand Turkey's value, righteousness and importance in terms of fighting terrorism.

If EU officials continue to assume that good terrorists should be supported as part of anti-terrorism activities, the EU will pay the cost and one day their grandchildren will question why they did not listen to Turkey. You can be sure about that.

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