So-called democrats of Europe

Published 21.03.2017 01:14

In the European Parliament (EP), deputies' mailboxes have become filled with numerous letters and periodicals from various terrorist groups, especially the outlawed PKK. Every week, periodicals, brochures and emails from groups including the PKK, the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) and the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) arrive in the mailboxes of these lawmakers and do not disturb them, for reasons unbeknownst to the rest of us. So far, no members of the EP have indicated that they are against the circulation of such parcels which include terrorist propaganda.

However, last week, some members of parliament made attempts to hinder Daily Sabah's attempts to make correspondence with the EP. Those questioning the freedom of the press in Turkey and directing unfair, biased criticism at the country have exposed their interpretation of the freedom of the press in this latest act.

Seemingly, the so-called democrats of the EP only pay attention to the freedom of the press when it comes to media outlets that support their opinions.

We are waiting impatiently to see what the EP will do in the face of the demand of implementing double standards. We will see whether the EP members who claim to be advocates of the freedom of the press will stand against the attempts to block Daily Sabah.

If Daily Sabah is prohibited, this will be a first for the EP. It is a shame that a newspaper that adopts an overt stance against terrorism is considered suitable for prohibition while all the posts by terrorism proponents can circulate freely. I wonder about the state of mind of those wanting to ban Daily Sabah. Thanks to this, we will be able to identify the so-called democrats of Europe. Unfortunately, these so-called democrats are not only present in the EP. Here are some of the latest instances of hypocrisy from Germany and the Netherlands.

Can we claim that politicians in the Netherlands, who attempted to defeat the radical right-wing party by making Islamophobic remarks that also show hostility against Turks, are democrats? Instead of trying to prevent such hostilities, they adopted the slogans of the radical right-wing and disregarded the right to protest by hindering protests by Dutch Turks with shameful methods, including the use of K-9 dogs to attack protesters. They demonstrated that they are hostile to Turks and Muslims just like Geert Wilders. They will regret their actions one day but it will be too late.

In Germany, the organizations that endorse the "No" vote for the upcoming referendum in Turkey are allowed to express their opinion while the ones endorsing the "Yes" votes are banned. Although it is not possible for so-called democrats to reach their goals while they employ all kinds of anti-democratic practices to influence the results of the referendum, they set a bad example for the international public by violating the values of the EU with an attitude that undermines the freedom of speech and expression. They should not give lessons in democracy to any country in the world after they failed to act democratically in their own country.

The worst ones are those that condone terrorist propaganda to increase the "No" votes in Turkey's upcoming referendum. Last Saturday in Frankfurt, an event disseminating PKK propaganda was organized. Frankfurt does not deserve such a disgrace. The terrorist leaders coming from Syria made terrorist propaganda in front of German police and the police condoned the meeting during which PKK flags were waved, even though these flags are forbidden in Germany. The only reason for condoning such an activity is to make the PKK proponents vote "No."

I am really sorry to see that Germany is being abused with such heinous plans. The so-called democrats who allow these activities are doing the worst kind of harm to Germany. They seem to have forgotten that the PKK has also committed murders in Germany, still has a leading role in drug trafficking, and has burned the cars of German police while injuring police officers by blocking highways in the past. They will regret it considering that although the PKK does not harm Germany today for their own interests, they are likely to pose a great security threat to Germany when the balances change.

What I mentioned above are only a few examples. Currently, not only Germany and the Netherlands, but also Austria, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark employ double standards that disregard EU values and restrict freedoms regarding the upcoming referendum in Turkey.

Those countries should no longer give advice to Turkey regarding the freedom of expression, freedom of the press or the right to protest since no one, especially Turkey, listens in their lectures anymore. The democracy lectures by so-called democrats only sound ridiculous today.

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