Extradite the pro-coup generals

Published 13.06.2017 01:37

In democracies, attempting a military coup equals treason. European countries have always condemned coups and coups plotters and three EU countries, in particular, namely Greece, Spain and Portugal, all have unfortunate experiences concerning this.

German media outlets demonstrated their sensitivity towards the issue on May 23, 2015, when the German newspapers announced that the country might be the target of a coup attempt.

The German Military Intelligence Organization (MAD) investigated a military officer in Euskirchen who was suspected of urging for a coup.

According to news reports, this officer was displeased with the German Defense Minister's policy and confronted the allegations of attempting a coup as he said, "Enough is enough. You cannot blame 200,000 soldiers for several lunatics. The minister's term in office is past due for me. This must be taken care of, or a coup must be staged."

This case displayed how sensitive Germany is towards this issue.

Surprisingly enough, Germany does not show the same sensitivity when it comes to dealing with those who orchestrated the atrocious July 15 insurrection.

The military officers who ordered their troops to bomb the Parliament, Security Directorate, Anti-Terror Forces Headquarters and many more locations in Turkey on July 15, 2016, are now able to move freely in Germany.

Likewise, more than 400 pro-coup diplomats who took asylum in Germany, when the attempt failed, keep on plotting new coup scenarios. In addition, the two pro-coup generals who entered Germany via Greece are still plotting against Turkey.What kind of a double standard is this? Germany, who investigated an officer for even suggesting a coup, hosts identified plotters against Turkey, just because they requested asylum.

The Serbian killers in the Balkan War did not get to seek asylum, so are there special rules when it comes to members of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ)?

The same goes for Greece, which knows very well the severity of military coups. Between 1967 and 1974, the country suffered a great deal under the tyranny of a fascist military junta.

On July 20, 1974, Turkish military intervened in Cyprus in response to the Sampson Junta in Cyprus. Thanks to this, Greece could retrieve its democracy on July 23, 1974.

However, the same Greece is yet to extradite the coup plotters who fled to the country with a military helicopter on July 15.

These murderers, currently hiding in Greece, are the enemies of democracy who opened fire on civilians mercilessly.

It is a total scandal that Greece, who suffered under the military junta and fascist officers in the past, is now hosting fascist coup plotters who tried to overthrow democracy in Turkey.

On Feb. 23, 1981, the European continent was shaken by another coup attempt, this time in Spain. This was, excluding the July 15 insurrection in Turkey, the last military coup attempt in the European heartland.

That day, a military group consisting of 200 soldiers raided the Spanish Parliament. A vote of confidence talks to form a new government was taking place, when the group opened fire in the air and took around 350 parliament members hostage, including Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez, communist leader Santiago Carillo, and the chairman of the Socialist Party Felipe Gonzalez.

They demanded that the King of Spain announce his support for the coup and the establishment of a new government.

As military units scrambled to seize control of various strategic locations in Madrid, Gen. Jaime Milans del Bosch declared a state of siege and tanks appeared on the streets of Valencia.

That night, the King of Spain must have had experienced the most challenging time in his life as he called the military commanders of 50 regions, one by one, and urged them not to support the coup and adhere to the legitimate regime.

Of them, 47 conformed to his demands and after midnight, the king issued a statement on a live TV, since the military did not seize control of the TV stations.

He addressed the nation and urged its citizens to protect the constitutional order and warned them against abiding by the coup attempters' orders.

On the evening of Feb. 24, one of the greatest mass demonstrations in Spanish history took place as thousands of Spanish people in different cities took to the street to guard their constitution and condemn the coup attempt. Thus, Europe was relieved from a serious threat.

However, Europe did not show this sensitivity on July 15 when the Turkish nation heroically defended its democracy in the face of a bloody coup attempt.

Having taken a stance against Greek and Spanish coup plotters before, Europe was too late to react against a coup in Turkey. A failure for Europe, as July 15 went down in history as a coup attempt and it did not support the defenders of democracy.

On July 15, the Turkish nation learned that they should neither trust nor believe in the EU's sincerity. After all, if the EU wishes to disprove the attempt, it must show it through its actions.

The people of Turkey expect that the EU countries, especially Germany and Greece, will extradite the coup-plotting officers, who killed civilians during the attempt. No one can concoct an excuse against that. The death penalty is not legal in Turkey and those pushing false claims in regards to the trials of the coup plotters only distort the facts.

Likewise, no country can hide behind the pretext of asylum requests. Just as asylum cannot be granted to fascist Greek colonels or Daesh militants, it cannot be granted to July 15 coup plotters either.

Granting asylum rights to the enemies of mankind should be out of the question.

As part of a fresh start, Turkey expects Germany to extradite the two generals who took part in the July 15 coup attempt.

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