PKK attacks Turks in Europe


In the EU and some other European countries, the PKK terrorist group's attacks on Turkish associations, mosques and workplaces are continuously increasing. It is high time for the police in these countries to take strict measures against such attacks. Enough time has been wasted so far. In Europe, people of Turkish descent are currently under threat in terms of safety of property and life. These people rightfully expect the countries they live in to protect them and want to have peace in their daily lives without having reason to be afraid.

In Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain, Sweden, France, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, PKK militants have increased attacks on people of Turkish descent as they believe that they can do whatever they want in the absence of strict measures against them. They particularly see the rising attacks by Islamophobic and racist groups in Europe as an opportunity. They are almost cooperating with the racists in their attacks on Muslims.

Just as they cooperated with Daesh in Syria and Iraq, the PKK and its Syrian affiliate Democratic Union Party (PYD) are targeting Muslims, especially those of Turkish descent, possibly in secret cooperation with racist groups in Europe. Lately, the Foreign Ministry issued a press release with regard to the protection of people of Turkish descent in the face of rising attacks on mosques in Germany:

"We learned with deep concern that attacks have been recently perpetrated on two Turkish mosques in Berlin and Lauffen am Neckar in Germany. Our only consolation is that nobody was harmed in these attacks. While the attack in Lauffen am Neckar, carried out with Molotov cocktails on the night of March 9, was claimed by PKK-affiliated groups, the perpetrators of yesterday's attack on the mosque in Berlin have not been identified yet. We observe with concern that there has been a considerable increase in the number of attacks on Turkish mosques in Germany recently by racist and Islamophobic groups as well as the PKK terrorist organization. The PKK's claim of responsibility for the mosque attack in Lauffen am Neckar and its declarations to continue such attacks has once more shown the true color of this terrorist organization. We reiterate our call to German authorities not to tolerate the PKK. We expect the perpetrators of these attacks to be caught as soon as possible and brought to justice and necessary measures to be taken by the German authorities to prevent the recurrence of such attacks."

As stated above, the PKK has declared it will continue such attacks as it takes courage from the fact that the PYD and its People's Protection Units (YPG) militia are not recognized as terrorist organizations in Germany, and some German politicians speak in favor of them. Even in the Bundestag, a group of parliamentarians showed support for the terrorist group by wearing YPG scarves, and various politicians, journalists and even some churches have sided with the PYD, which made the PKK believe that it can take advantage of the lack of measures against it. Unfortunately, we have been seeing very similar situations in countries such as Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden as well.

From now on, European countries have to take serious measures against attacks targeting people of Turkish descent. We are certain that the police and intelligence of these countries have sufficient information regarding the identity and whereabouts of PKK affiliates and racist groups. If they really want to, they could prevent all the violence actions Turkish-Europeans.

All the law-abiding states in Europe must urgently take concrete steps to provide safety for the lives and property of Turkish-Europeans and Muslim-Europeans. European police departments must perform their duties concerning the PKK threat. Muslim-Europeans want to trust the police in the countries they live in and expect to see the protective measures they deserve.

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