Not just Israel, but the US is also responsible for violence


Unfortunately, the Muslim world has welcomed the holy month of Ramadan once again in pain and mourning instead of enthusiasm.

The opening of the U.S. Embassy in Israel on May 14, 2018 after its relocation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem despite the opposition of the entire world was an irresponsible attitude threatening not only the Middle East but all of the world's balances.

With this provocation, the U.S. has put the peace in danger all over the world. The United States, which has to say "stop" to the terror state Israel has almost ordered "fire" on the contrary by inaugurating the embassy.

After Israel, which is currently implementing state terror, massacred dozens of people and wounded some 3,000 others, the U.S. State Department accused Palestinian children, women and elderly people of being "Hamas militants" in a statement yesterday. The U.S. held them accountable, saying "they should not have approached the border" and continued to advocate the massacre afterward.

The U.S. is already in a "criminal" position all over the world, but it had never supported such a massacre by laughing and playing around so openly.

While Israel was murdering dozens of Palestinian infants, children, youth, women, men, elderly, first aid workers and even journalists on May 14, 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump's daughter and son-in-law were laughing and giggling just like "Nero watching Rome burn."

They were nor celebrating an opening, but a massacre. The American diplomats and those attending this celebration from the United States and some EU member states and other countries have become the actors that we will never forget. We won't remember them without cursing a shameful historical moment, when humanity was trampled on.

By supporting Israel's state terror and even provoking people with the embassy opening in Jerusalem on July 14, 2018, the United States is at least as responsible as Israel for the savagery and its consequences.

Although this is plain and clear, the reactions of the EU and EU member countries have remained very weak and even insufficient.

The EU and EU member states, who are very eager to intervene even in the smallest cases in many parts of the world and give such harsh statements in these situations, gave very withdrawn and timid reactions to the massacre of dozens of Palestinians. Once again in the name of humanity they have failed.

It seems the EU can shelve "human rights" when it comes to the United States and Israel. An EU that protects EU values would have to condemn Israel and the United States very strongly by now. However, it is clear that with its "faint-hearted" position when it comes to responding to a brutal outbreak that broke out as a result of the collaboration between Israel and the U.S., the EU shows that it is only a "paper tiger."

Interestingly, European newspapers, which write huge headlines when other countries are concerned, prefer to announce the brutality with tiny news articles when it comes to Palestinians.

Once again, in the face of Israeli savagery, European politics, the media, civil society and the clergy have failed.

They dislike Turkey and frequently criticize the country in an unfair manner. Yet, Turkey is the only is the only European country that has taken a stance by protecting EU values.

Having declared a three-day national mourning for the victims Israel massacred, Turkey contacted Egypt and Israel in an attempt to deliver first aid supplies to thousands of injured and then prepared aircraft to treat thousands of wounded Palestinians in Turkish hospitals.

However, because Egypt and Israel have not allowed Turkey to land its aircraft, they are currently on stand-by at Turkish airports.

Turkey has acted with intensive diplomatic efforts from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in company with the United Nations.

Moreover, Turkey has rolled up its sleeves to bring together the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul this Friday on the subject. They will convene to condemn this massacre and discuss the necessary steps that should be taken by Muslim countries toward Israel. Meanwhile, a massive rally "to protest Israel's brutality" will take place in Istanbul.

So, where are the Europeans? Why do people who like to speak now stop talking when it comes to human rights? Especially the ‘68 generations of Europe who are now in government, parliament and important positions throughout the EU. They were very sensitive to Palestine in the past. What has changed?

In Europe, trade unions, clergy and nongovernmental organizations are deceiving both themselves and the public with the so-called protests "for the sake of appearances." Here is what Turkey has done on its own in the name of humanity. At least support Turkey for humanity's sake.

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