EU Commissioner Hahn lacks vision, epitomizes shortsightedness

Published 07.11.2018 23:09

Turkey has been able to deal successfully with the difficulties it has faced. Turkey was subjected to unfair economic pressure by the United States, but overcame this problem. Turkey handled the attack on the national currency. Turkey is getting better and better and not just economically. On politics there is plenty of positive news as well.

The U.S. and Turkey have lifted sanctions mutually. The U.S. Treasury Department has removed two Turkish ministers from the sanctions list. Turkey also lifted sanctions against two American ministers. While there are unfair sanctions on Iran, the United States has exempted Turkey along with seven other countries from these sanctions.

No development is possible without Turkey in Syria. Important steps have been taken with Germany and France under the guidance of Turkey and Russia. The Democratic Union Party (PYD) and People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, which are the extension of the PKK terrorist organization, which the U.S. still supports in Syria, continues to cause problems. Nobody should be surprised if the PYD and YPG are expelled by the Turkish army in the very near future from the last land they occupy.

Turkey, a European country, is making economic relations with Germany an ideal position for the two countries. Having very good relations with many EU States, Turkey continues to develop its position as an important ally and business partner for the EU.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will visit France on Nov. 10-11. The Armistice Treaty, signed on Nov. 11, 1918, between the Allied Countries and Germany which officially ended World War I is the 100th anniversary of "Armistice Day." President Erdoğan will attend memorial ceremonies in Paris and represent Turkey. The ceremony will be attended by U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin alongside leaders from 80 other countries. President Erdoğan will also participate in the Paris Peace Forum for the first time, and will hold bilateral talks with many leaders, including Trump and French President Macron.

In short, Turkey is getting stronger, it showed the world its rule of law values with the Khashoggi case, and has an important mission bridging the gaps between Europe and Asia. China long ago discovered the great importance of Turkey with the New Silk Road Project.

Although the U.S., Russia and China as superpowers, collaborate with Turkey in many fields, due to some politicians in the EU who lack success and vision, Turkey's EU membership hasn't taken place.

Politicians who do not have proper European vision, are unable to solve problems in their own country, and are watching the rise of extreme-rightist parties in their own country and across the EU because of their own incompetence.

Here's one of them that failed and lacks vision, a member of the European Commission for Enlargement , Johannes Hahn.

Hahn was quoted Tuesday by German daily Die Welt saying: "I think that, in the long term, it would be more honest for Turkey and the EU to go down new roads and end the accession talks."

Hahn, referring to French President Macron's statement said, "Turkey's membership of the European Union will not be realistic in the foreseeable future, if I look at statements by French President Macron, for example, and the mood of the people in many member states."

He added, "The EU and Turkey both should work for a new, strategic partnership in accordance with the interests of both parties." Then he "graciously" stated what that partnership should be: "In the areas of energy, the fight against international terrorism, migration, international cooperation for the reconstruction of Syria and trade relations."

That is the reason why the EU and Europe is suffering from "narrow-minded" politicians. Without any success in their area of responsibility, but also by avoiding the honesty of saying "The EU is a Christian union of nations" they hide behind other excuses to exclude Turkey from its long-deserved EU Membership, and this actually hurts the EU.

I wish Hahn would not speak anymore. After the elections in May 2019, a new European Parliament will be formed following a new EU Commission. We are almost there. Turkey will talk with its new counterparts when the time comes. It is clear that with people like Hahn or Kati Piri, there will be no benefit to the EU or to Turkey on the enlargement of the EU.

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