Europe's safety cannot be ensured without Turkey

Published 15.11.2018 01:15

Turkey-EU relations are getting better every day. Multifaceted collaborations are developing between the many EU member states and Turkey. All of this is a positive development for Turkey and the EU. EU public opinion is getting a better grasp of Turkey's value each day.

Jamal Khashoggi's murder, where it was proven by Turkey that the execution order was given by top executives in Saudi Arabia, revealed a fact. Despite all the contrary allegations, the rule of law in Turkey is very well processed. The Saudi Arabian administrators plan to close the case by giving away a lot of money and buying arms, more than they need, from countries such as the U.S. and some EU countries, has been spoiled by Turkey as well.

The foreign minister of France, whose country has commercial and arms relations with Saudi Arabia, surprised his own public the other day when he made an unfair criticism of Turkey. In response to the French foreign minister, Fahrettin Altun, the communications director of the Turkish presidency, said: "Without Turkey's efforts so far this event would have been closed." With those words, he expressed a fact that is also endorsed by world public opinion.

Indeed, Turkey has been the only one that has done something about the brutally murdered, and then dismembered, dissident journalist killed in Saudi Arabia's Consulate in Istanbul. Thanks to Turkey's determination and the police finding evidence in successful investigations, the murderers were identified. The people who ordered the murder were also discovered.

In this regard, Turkey, by demonstrating the values of the EU, has deciphered many of the EU countries' attitudes, including those countries that have been keeping quiet about the issue. Some EU member states that needed to maintain EU values remained silent because of their economic relations with Saudi Arabia. Turkey, however, has allowed this silence to be broken. Turkey has assumed its leading role in the agenda of reactions worthy of the EU. On this issue, it is pleasing to see the EU taking a stand today. In addition, the European Parliament is taking the right steps to demand the necessary steps from Saudi Arabia.

I wish the European Parliament would be able to see some facts about Turkey now, and Turkey's report to be written without being taken into the propaganda, lies, prejudices and segments that support some terrorists. Unfortunately, we are concerned that we will be disappointed once again.

However, the European Parliament should be the EU institution that should understand Turkey's value in the first place. Parliamentarians that are comfortable in their electoral district and can launch their campaign freely and peacefully, Turkey's share is quite large in this.

The Daesh terrorist organization, which caused the deaths of many people in EU member countries in the past few years, cannot reach Europe today. It's almost gone. Citizens of EU Member states are no longer afraid to go out on the streets like they used to be. It has not been done purely through the intense police measures taken. Thanks to Turkey's successful military operations in Syria and Iraq, Daesh has now become unable to act in Europe. Turkish soldiers and police have struggled against terrorism at the expense of their lives for EU citizens. They still continue to fight terrorism successfully.

Turkey's committed struggle against terrorism plays an important role in ensuring the internal security of EU member states. In particular, the peace of the EU is ensured thanks to Turkey's success.

Likewise, thanks to Turkey's policies on asylum seekers, EU member states can "breathe comfortably." If EU Member states are not living like the "asylum seeker" today, Turkey is the country that provides this security. If there was no Turkey, there would be 3 million more asylum seekers in the EU right now.

There is also a vital issue, the security of Europe, more specifically the EU. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg voiced the facts about this the other day. Speaking at the German Atlantic Society in Berlin, Jens Stoltenberg pointed out that non-EU countries have played a crucial role in European security. Stoltenberg noted that after Britain's departure from the union, 80 per cent of NATO's defense will be met by non-EU countries.

"The security of Europe cannot be achieved without countries such as Turkey, which is key to combating terrorism," Stoltenberg said, noting that Turkey is struggling against instability in Iraq and Syria which verifies the things we said above.

Europe's military security cannot be achieved without Turkey, not only in the fight against terrorism, but in all other possible war hazards. It is not possible to consider security east of the EU without Turkey. Turkey has a really key role in ensuring the security of Europe and the EU. For this reason, NATO member Turkey should also be a member of the EU in the first place. That is crucial in terms of the EU's interests.

We hope the European Parliament deputies discuss the report on Turkey and make the right assessments, keeping these facts in mind.

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