Not a conference of Kurds, but of supporters of terror

Published 05.12.2018 21:47
Updated 06.12.2018 08:00

The world is changing. However, in the European Parliament, "something" never changes. Every year, the same "bragging" is being repeated. This year, once again in the European Parliament, the "conference on supporting the PKK" is being held. "The lobby of the PKK terrorist group [in the European Parliament]" is holding its 15th conference. This is a conference that does not suit the European Parliament. I am confident that hundreds of deputies in the European Parliament are actually cursing the PKK terrorist group and terrorism.

Those organizing this conference are exploiting the Kurds in the name of "Kurds." However, a vast majority of Kurds actually hate the PKK terrorist group. We had witnessed this most recently, when the Turkish military saved Kurds in Syria from the PKK's Syrian extension, the People's Protection Units (YPG). Syrian Kurds enthusiastically welcomed and thanked Turkish soldiers.

As a matter of fact, the PKK terrorist group is persecuting Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Kurds who do not support the PKK are being slaughtered.

Don't the deputies of the "left groups" "Greens" and the "Social Democratic group," who support this conference in the European Parliament know about this? Do they not know that the PKK is a terrorist group that is damaging the Kurds in the first place? I wish they didn't, but I'm afraid they do.

It does not surprise us that there is also a Greek lawmaker among those who organized the conference, since in reality it (the conference) is not about the Kurds. The primary goal in organizing this conference is to support the opponents of Turkey. No one has to love and defend Turkey. However, it is a scandal to offer a platform for supporters of a terrorist group that is an enemy of democracy and humanity for the sake of opposition to Turkey.

Do the people who made the panel called "Abdullah Öcalan and the solution of the crisis in the Middle East" not know that Abdullah Öcalan is the leader of a terrorist group responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of people?

This conference in the European Parliament which ran from Dec. 4-5 is actually a "black stain" for the European Parliament.

Two people joined the conference from Turkey. One of them is a PKK supporter while the other is a former pro-PKK Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) deputy. Other Turkish names that were involved in the conference were individuals who participated from Germany or Belgium and have repeatedly announced that they have "supported the PKK terrorist group."

The conference is being held under the name of the "Kurdish factor in world politics." However, not a single Kurdish intellectual who does not support the terrorist group is involved. In short, there is no single person in this conference that represents the majority of the Kurdish people. There are no Kurds, but "their names are being used."

What a shame.

The European Parliament could have actually done useful activities for the Kurds instead of these kinds of activities. In Syria, they could have supported the Kurds suffering under the persecution of the extension of the PKK terrorist group, the YPG, and the dictator Bashar Assad. In many regions of Syria, the YPG terrorist group collaborates with the Daesh terrorist group and forces the children of many Kurdish families to be terrorists after kidnapping them. Kurdish mothers are rebelling against these atrocities. Why do deputies from the European Parliament not invite these Kurdish mothers to the conference?

Those who think they are doing something for the sake of so-called Kurds with the same nonsense talks for the 15th time are actually doing the most significant harm to the Kurds.

Those who want to do some good for the Kurdish people shouldn't invite the supporters of the PKK terrorist group to the European Parliament. The European Parliament should not be the "platform" of those who support the PKK terrorist group.

In fact, what is worthy of the European Parliament is to hold activities with Kurds who are against terrorism.

I hope we will see those days and we will rejoice in the name of humanity.

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