Brexit: A great disappointment

Published 13.12.2018 01:38
Updated 13.12.2018 08:00

Ireland has always been a problem for England. The real problem is, of course, England itself. The colonial Kingdom of Great Britain has caused a lot of suffering in Ireland. Ireland has always experienced poverty and hunger as a colony of Britain. In the past, England used a few Irish Protestants as an excuse to inflict pain. Even the Ottoman Empire gave food aid to Ireland, sending four ships. Anyway, those days are over. Now the Irish live in peace and tranquility. They are also glad that they are members of the EU.

And neither the Republic of Ireland nor the EU is asking for Brexit to disrupt the 1998 Irish peace treaty as an "EU external border" of the Northern Ireland border. So, they want to solve the problem with a trade agreement. However, the Northern Irish, who are allies of Prime Minister Theresa May, rejected this agreement.

I wonder if the Brexit crisis that Britain is now experiencing is a consequence of the prayers and curses of Irish people that have suffered in the past. Because one of the main problems of the treaty, Brexit, is in Northern Ireland as I've mentioned above.

Are the EU's demands on Northern Ireland, the EU member Ireland and Britain who do not want to remain an EU member, justified? Or are the British and the Northern Irish "still" not taking lessons from history and insist on making demands? As far as I have seen, the second one is the main problem.

Britain was the country that benefits from the EU the most. However, although it is an EU member, it did not sign the Schengen agreement or participate in "among the Euro countries." Britain has been able to use all of the EU's blessings to date skillfully. In return, Britain was careful not to share the burden of the EU.

For example, in the first Iraq war when German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder opposed the war that was provoked by the United States, at first France and then all of Europe supported him, but Britain was on the front line with the United States. Although Britain was actually a member of the EU, they always felt closer to the United States.

Those who have had false dreams in EU member England have propagandized with the motto "let us out of the EU" for years. According to them, Britain was lost as a member of the EU. Non-EU member England has a chance to be like the British Empire again, where the sun never sets. Everything that didn't work in England was because of the EU.

They finally succeeded and had a referendum. The majority of voters believed in the false dreams that they'd been told.

The EU was surprised at first, but then recovered. EU member states have skillfully defended the interests of the EU and agreed on the text of a treaty with Britain. According to the agreement, March 29, 2019, would be Britain's last day in the EU.

Brexit seems to be ending the political career of British Prime Minister Theresa May as well.

The British do not want separation under the circumstances in the foreseen agreement. The EU is determined not to renegotiate the treaty clauses. In fact, for the first time in a while, all EU countries agree on one thing: Not to negotiate with England!

May is trying to convince the EU with her tours to Belgium, Holland or Germany, but it's all in vain. Many politicians in EU countries have openly admitted that they "enjoyed" the situation. The British people realized that their future is not very bright if they become a non-EU country. They don't believe in dreams anymore. Prime Minister May lacks the courage to hold a vote in Parliament because the outcome of the vote will not be what she wants.

What if there is no agreed agreement by March 29?

Now everyone is looking for the answer to that question. There isn't any problem for the EU. In Britain, the number of people thinking "maybe this way we will remain an EU member" is constantly increasing. In short, Brexit is about to turn into a total bust. We'll keep watching.

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