The Kurds' greatest enemies are the PKK and YPG terrorist organizations

Published 10.01.2019 02:00
Updated 10.01.2019 15:43

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton uttered some nonsense during his latest visit to Israel. He described the PKK's Syrian affiliate, the People's Protection Units (YPG) terrorist organization, as if they are organized in Syria as "Kurds." With this, he offended millions of Kurdish people. There are some realities that Mr. Bolton also knows very well. The only connection the PKK and the YPG has with the Kurdish people is through their abuse of the word "Kurd." The damage caused by Marxist/Leninist terrorist organizations to Kurds to this day is great indeed. Not only Mr. Bolton, but many politicians in Europe have also spread "confusion" from time to time regarding this matter.

World public opinion has always been misled on this subject. They are always being fed lies about the YPG, portraying them as warriors fighting Daesh. However, this is not true.

Does anybody know what happened to the weapons that are given to the YPG by the U.S. so that they can fight Daesh? Let me give you some brief information about it.

Some of the weapons given to the YPG by the U.S. have become "junk." And as scrap, they have been sold to Daesh by YPG terrorists who ran out of money. Basically, they sold the weapons given to them to fight Daesh to Daesh in exchange for money.

If the YPG terror organization were to fight against Daesh as proclaimed by some American or European politicians, would they give their weapons to their enemy?

So where are all these weapons gifted to the YPG by the U.S. so that they can fight Daesh? They are everywhere!

The YPG allowed Daesh terrorists to leave territories that they reclaimed from them through diplomacy, not through fighting, with their weapons in hand.

And these terrorists have spread to every corner of Syria and Iraq. Maybe some of them are in Europe already.

Do not be surprised if tomorrow we see a terrorist act by Daesh in Europe, committed with weapons they got from the YPG - weapons given by the U.S.

We have experienced this in Turkey already. Some of the weapons given to the YPG by the U.S. have been given to the PKK. Many PKK terrorists that have been neutralized in Turkey by Turkish security forces were carrying such weapons. Mr. Bolton knows this reality very well.

In short, there is only one real power in Syria that is fighting Daesh. And it is Turkey! Turkey is the only country that is fighting terrorist organizations in the region. It has become a "fearsome nightmare" for Daesh, the PKK, the YPG and others. Everybody living in the area, not just the Kurds, but Arabs and Turkmens as well support Turkey's cause because PKK and its Syrian branch, the YPG, and Daesh have persecuted Kurds, Turkmens and Arabs for a very long time.

Kurds living in Turkey know very well what a bloody and inhumane organization the PKK is.

Unfortunately, Kurds living in Syria are still living the terror of the PKK and its bloodthirsty lackeys - the Democratic Union Party (PYD)/YPG - in some territories.

Kurds living in areas that have been liberated from PYD/YPG occupation by the Turkish army in cooperation with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are "grateful to Turkey," and they blame the U.S. for supporting and supplying terrorists with weapons.

The PKK and the PYD/YPG are not only harming Kurds in this region. In many parts of Europe, Kurdish businessmen are tired of being forced to pay tribute to the PKK.

Kurdish families are suffering due to the brainwashing of their children by the PKK.

If our European friends are honest in their will to protect Kurds, they should protect them from these predators and the brainwashing of children that causes them to end up in the Middle East as terrorists used by the PKK.

Kurds know very well who their friends and enemies are.

Because of this, no one should try to justify supporting the PKK, which is abusing Kurds. This is one of the worst evils inflicted on the Kurds.

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