Racism, xenophobia are our common enemies

Published 10.04.2019 22:05
Updated 12.04.2019 00:14

Frequently, we mention the levels that anti-Islamic and Muslim enmity have reached in Europe.

In particular, due to the European Parliament (EP) elections that will take place May 23 and 26, we talk about this subject more often. In these elections, the center-right is expected to weaken and the center left to suffer a big defeat. Far-right and populist parties, which plan to end the sovereignty of conservative and social democrat groups in parliament, are forming a strong alliance across the entire EU.

In particular, Italian Internal Affairs Minister Matteo Salvini is holding meetings with all such parties one by one to bring all far right and populist parties together.

If no further developments concerning Brexit happen, it will become clear that Britain will not participate in the elections, and we should not be surprised if around 180-200 seats out of 705 are won by far-right and populist parties.

However, not just far right and populist parties, but also far left and populist parties, which have a group (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament, with 51 members taking the helm when it comes to "Turkey enmity and support of the bloody terror organization, the PKK;" they are probably going to increase their number of seats. Not only the number of far-right and far-left populist members of parliament will increase after May 27, 2019, in the corridors of the European Parliament, which claims to be the highest democratic institution of EU and has a "sacred" duty to preserve EU values. All European Parliament resources, which are very costly for EU citizens, will be abused by members of parliament who are in direct opposition to the EU and Europe. Taxes paid by European Muslims and Turks - either EU citizens or working in the EU - will be used to battle Muslims and Turks. Members of parliament who are against Europe, the European Union and all EU values will be sitting in the EP. They don't want Muslims in Europe.

The far-left and populists in a more dangerous manner su

pport and cooperate with bloody terrorist organizations, the PKK and the People's Protection Units (YPG), which are enemies of humanity with the mindset that Turkey and Turks' enemies are our friends. Unfortunately, this development cannot be stopped because speeches by center party candidates, which are supposed to stop this, do not give us any hope. The main subjects of far right and far left populist parties xenophobic and racist election propaganda are Muslims, Turks and Turkey. Unfortunately, both center parties' candidates, who were supposed to oppose this, are targeting Turkey in their speeches. Manfred Weber thinks that by saying "Turkey cannot be an EU member" at every opportunity can increase his votes. Frans Timmermans has joined the same chorus. I would have expected him to learn a lesson from Martin Schulz's mistakes in the elections in Germany. Centrist parties cannot win elections opposing Turkey. Such attitudes only strengthen the far-right and populists. Of course, as a Turk I have to be self-critical. Unfortunately, Muslim migrant enmity is practiced by Republican People's Party (CHP) politicians, Social International Party members, in my country. Xenophobic and racist statements towards Syrian refugees have been upgraded to "migrant-opposing practices" following the March 31 elections.

CHP Mayor Tanju Özcan of one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, Bolu, in his first official document ordered the Bolu Municipality Culture and Social Works Directorate "to halt granting public relief services to foreigners in the city." I am ashamed as a Muslim and Turk to see a Muslim Turkish mayor make such a "xenophobic, provocative practice" towards Syrian refugees.

I am pretty sure that our nation, which has housed 3.5 million Syrian refugees, and up to this day never gave xenophobia a foothold, shares the same emotions as me following this development.

I am also sure that this is a shameful example for Socialist International representatives of whom the CHP is a member, as their kind are also in our ranks. From this point onward, the German, French or Belgian far right, racist and populist parties that show enmity towards Turks, Syrians and Muslims unfortunately will show us, who are fighting against them, the Bolu example.

But this event shows us that we have to work a lot more regarding this subject and across Europe; we have to be more active against racism, xenophobia and opposition to migrants.

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