April 24 allows us to identify friend and foe

Published 16.04.2019 01:01

We are used to seeing the same drama every year on April 24 – a day when by Turkey, opposition Armenians are exploited while enmity against Turkey is exercised.

April 24 is used as a day for "getting even," by those who do not wish to see Turkey as an EU member due to various reasons, those who do not wish to see it become stronger in the region, or countries like the U.S. that want to see Turkey as a dependent state.

Armenians are only an excuse! Those who hold meetings and make decisions by using Armenians on April 24 do not actually care for Armenians. For French politicians, "Armenian votes" are very precious. Those who are contesting to get those votes are trying hard to become the ones who "attack Turkey the most and smear Turkey the most" in order to "be the one that deserves the Armenian votes the most."

Similarly, we see politicians competing for Armenian votes in the U.S. and "remember Armenians" as April 24 approaches. For some EU states, it is great proof of their "exploitation of Armenians" policy as for decades they have done nothing for these people but only remember the event when their relations with Turkey deteriorate.

In reality, a great injustice is being exercised on the Armenian people. Armenians do not only consist of diaspora Armenians who live in France and the U.S. No one cares to talk to the Armenians living in Turkey. Nobody asks for their opinion or, to be more precise, what Armenians living in Turkey say does not suit the agendas of Turkey's enemies.

Some time ago, Turkey urged Armenian citizens living in Istanbul to a joint Legislator Commission Meeting formed by the Turkish and European Parliament.

Religious leaders representing Turkey's Armenian congregation and Armenian journalists were among the guests. What they said did not please European Parliament legislators. Representatives of Turkey's Armenian community criticized politicians coming from Europe and clearly said "not to use them."

Among the guests was Hrant Dink, my journalist friend who was later unfortunately murdered by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ). Dink had criticized European Parliament legislators by clearly stating, "We Armenians living in Turkey know very well what happened or what did not happen in the past or why it had happened. Turkey is our motherland. We want to evaluate our past as Armenians and Turks. The decisions you make in parliaments abroad are not right. You are doing these without talking with us or asking us. What happened in the past are events that have to be researched by Armenian and Turkish historians. Politicians should not meddle in this subject."

After Dink's criticism, a German European Parliament legislator whispered in my ear, "This Hrant Dink is probably sent by the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT)."

This, however, was a great discourtesy toward Dink. An Armenian who never allowed anyone to use him and always said what he knows to be correct was not a "good Armenian" for European legislators.

If anyone wants to do something for Armenians, they can start by researching the secret government archives in Germany, Britain and the U.S. For years, Turkey has insisted that Armenian and Turkish historians research the matter and uncover the truth.

If they leave Turkey and Armenia and their people alone this may be possible. Those who are trying to rile Armenians against Turks do not think that they are the grandchildren of those who caused these pains in the past. Yes, there was great suffering. Both Armenians and Turks have suffered greatly. For example, a number of relatives from my father's side claim their grandfather was murdered by "Armenian gangs."

Especially in French-occupied southern Anatolian cities, the Turk's war of independence efforts was hindered by Armenian gangs, backed by French troops. At that period, the French had formed, in an area on Cyprus, a military training camp to train Armenian youth and later deployed these Armenian militants to Adana, Maraş and Gaziantep. For what reason?

A couple of days ago the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu was very right when he said the following to a French deputy of Algerian descent who attempted to twist history. "I can understand why Ms. Sonia is shocked. Because countries like Ms. Sonia's and France do not understand a certain thing. They always have to patronize and criticize other countries, ridicule them and make decisions as they please. And as a result, when criticism comes from Turkey, they are shocked. France would be the last country to give Turkey lessons over genocide and history because we did not forget what happened in Rwanda and Algeria. France needs to look into its own dark history and should not try to give a lesson to Turkey."

Enough is enough! Leave Turks and Armenians alone!

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