Europeans who are uncomfortable with Turkey's success

Published 10.06.2019 20:04
Updated 11.06.2019 00:01

Normally sports should not be mixed with politics. However, when it comes to Turkey, sports are exploited for the sake of politics. European values are being trampled underfoot.

In the last months, Turkey has had many successful results in many fields of sports. One of them is football. The Turkish national team is going through a very successful run as of late and has become the Group H leader in the UEFA European Championship Qualifying round by winning all of its matches.

On Saturday, the Turkish national team beat world champion France with a score of 2-0. It is football we are talking about. Sports. The French national team had a bad game. The Turkish national team was better. Turkey seized the opportunities with skill and won. Nothing more or nothing less.

Turkish fans are extremely happy. French fans are extremely sad. Of course, like in all of football, overly anxious fans become sad or happy, excessively. But in the end, the match has ended. However some of the commentaries about this match in France were so toxic, that it was as if what happened between Turkey and France was not a football match but a military showdown, and there were some reactions to this end.

Some far-right populist French politicians exploited this match by doling out opposing and xenophobic statements. If it was only France, we would have just laughed and moved on but the situation is not so. Mesut Özil, a successful national football player for Germany who hails from Turkish descent, married last Saturday in Istanbul.

The things written in Germany about Mesut Özil, who wore the German national team uniform for years, scored goals (even a goal against Turkey) and assisted countless goals, were very sad.

For example in one of the newspapers in Germany, Mesut Özil's marriage was exploited for politics.

Wouldn't it be right to show some adherence to a football player shed sweat, blood and tears for Germany? Mesut Özil can invite whomever he wants to his wedding. It is an honor for him to have had President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as his marriage witness. Exploiting this and bringing Mesut Özil to the headlines because of this is a great ingratitude.

Lastly, what happened in Iceland yesterday is a complete scandal. The Turkish national Football team went to Iceland on a private plane for the Euro 2020 qualifying match. They were supposed to be hosted with hospitality but instead have been treated very badly.

Iceland, with its behavior, acted like a "Banana Republic." Our national football players who are there to play a football match with Iceland was held in passport control for three hours. In addition, the team's sports equipment was processed as if it belonged to ordinary passengers. With this attitude, Iceland mixed football with politics. Would the Icelanders be pleased if Turkey was to do the same to Icelandic football players when they come to Turkey tomorrow?

I have no idea what kind of people with racist mindsets was responsible for this, but what occurred was a completely shameful display.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu showed his response on social media by stressing, "The treatment suffered by the Turkish national football team while it was entering Iceland for its 2020 European qualifier match cannot be accepted both on a humanitarian and diplomatic level."

"Our nation should not doubt that the necessary response will be given," Çavuşoğlu added.

In addition, Turkey gave a memorandum to Iceland condemning the treatment that the Turkish national Football team has suffered at Keflavik airport. It is stated that Çavuşoğlu will hold a meeting with Iceland's foreign affairs minister regarding this matter.

I ask, "What did Iceland gain from this?" This ugly deed has smeared the Iceland-Turkey national match that will be played today. Some states and politicians in Europe seem to be very uncomfortable regarding Turkey's success. The fact that Turkey becomes a stronger and independent country within the geographical territory it is in is making them feel uneasy with every passing day. They are becoming more and more ill-tempered as they are unable to sabotage Turkey economically. The fact that Turkey is capable of fending off all troubles regarding security, terror, economy and other fields is making them ill-tempered. It seems as if Turkey's success in many fields of sports is the straw that broke the camel's back. With their racist mentality, no matter what they do, they won't be able to hinder Turkey's success. On the contrary, such ugliness is empowering Turkey's passion for more success.

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