Greek Cypriots don't want peace in region

Published 12.06.2019 20:12
Updated 13.06.2019 00:28

The Greek Cypriot government divided the Eastern Mediterranean into plots for natural gas and petrol reserves to hire international companies to exploit them, proving that it was never really looking for peace in the first place. However, it would have been nice if long-term peace were to come to the island, and Greek Cypriots and Turks could live in peace. For this to happen, Greek Cypriots have to want this. It is not possible to achieve this with only the support of Cypriot Turks and Turkey. However, peace in Cyprus means fewer problems in the Eastern Mediterranean. Unfortunately, wrong steps by the Greek Cypriot government made a lasting peace in Cyprus impossible and caused new problems in the region. The EU, as it always has, under the influence of the Greek Cypriot government, is making the wrong decisions and not contributing to peace in the region. However, the EU was supposed to oppose the single-sided steps the Greek Cypriot government took to divide the East Mediterranean into plots for natural gas and petrol reserves and to hire out these plots to international companies.

The EU not only had to protect the rights of Greek Cypriots, it also had to protect the rights of Cypriot Turks. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Greek Cypriots and Cypriot Turks have claims on the natural gas and petrol reserves in the East Mediterranean. In fact, Turkey also has claims on some permit zones. Despite all of this, the Greek Cypriot government's offensive attitude toward the plots in Cyprus that belong to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Turkey and the disputed permit zones between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot government threatens peace in the region.

Due to one-sided cooperation, South Cyprus has worked with countries like Israel and Egypt and with companies like Exxon Mobil, Total, Bole or Eni-Kogas, which are already conducting drilling activities. It is not possible for these companies to perform unauthorized drill activities in zones that belong to the TRNC and Turkey. Despite this, Greek Cypriots, by being vocal and provocative, are preventing the problem from being resolved.

Similarly, like other companies, the Turkish Petroleum Corporation is also conducting drilling activities in plots that belong to Turkey and the TRNC. For this purpose, the drillship Fatih is already conducting research. To aid it, the drillship Yavuz is also coming to the region. The South Cyprus Greek Cypriot government, which is attempting to "seize" the entire region, probably by making the biggest mistake yet, signed a decision that will raise tension. The Greek Cypriot government, which is panicking due to the Fatih's activities off the shores of the TRNC and the drillship Yavuz's preparations for drilling, has issued arrest warrants for 25 people, including the personnel of Fatih and authorities of companies cooperating with the Turkish Petroleum Corporation. The South Cyprus Greek Cypriot government claims that three companies, two U.S.-based and one Croatian, are supporting Fatih. For the 25 people, including the authorities of these companies and the personnel of Fatih, which includes British citizens, a Greek Cypriot court overstepped its authority and issued arrest warrants across Europe. Thus, the Foreign Affairs Ministry gave the proper response: "If this

overstepping decree by the GKRY (Greek Cypriot government), which acts by seizing the rights of and disregarding Cypriot Turks, will have no precept and validity in our perspective. As long as they remain stubborn, no one should doubt that we will give the appropriate response. We will too, with our relative institutions, begin the necessary opposing judiciary processes. South Cyprus' fruitless attempts to halt our activities in our own continental shelf will produce no results. Turkey, with resolve, will continue petrol and natural gas surveys and drilling activities as planned to protect its rights over its own continental shelf and the island's equal shareholder, Cypriot Turks, rights. Turkey and the TRNC say, ‘No one can disregard the rights of Cypriot Turks and Turkey's rights in the South Mediterranean and force us and Turkey to step back from our rights.' If there is illegality, injustice, unfairness and lawlessness in the East Mediterranean, it is being perpetrated by Greek Cypriots that are conducting surveys and deals by disregarding our rights and suggestions. We invite the Greek Cypriot government to come to terms with us. Either we will come to terms within the boundaries of law and righteousness, or we will do the same as they are doing. We will not be held responsible for the outcomes of tension-raising decisions made by the Greek Cypriot government."

What are Greek Cypriots hoping to gain with this provocative attitude? Let them attempt to arrest the crew of Fatih. Payback for this will be too heavy for them to bear. However, the region needs peace, not disturbances. Peace in the region can only be achieved by sharing the underground resources in the region fairly. It is time for the EU to say "stop" to Greek Cypriots on this matter. Otherwise, Greek Cypriots who to this day interpreted the EU's attitude of staying indifferent on this matter as a green light are about to cause disaster in the region. It is time for the EU to see that not only Greek Cypriots but also Turks exist on the island.

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