Nazi terrorists murdered Walter Lübcke in Germany

Published 19.06.2019 20:25
Updated 21.06.2019 00:19

In truth, a great danger and threat to democracy became visible after some of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) terrorist organization's murders were revealed. Unfortunately, necessary steps were not taken. The NSU was not simply a "gang" of four people. Nazi terrorists had organized in Germany for a long time, and now they threaten democracy. The NSU case was a big chance in this regard. However, since German intelligence and security forces didn't cooperate, the court was unable to bring to light the large threat behind NSU. The NSU murders were known in the media (the tabloid press) "döner murders," and the result is now clear. Germany has woken up, but it is too late. Moreover, the NSU case cannot be opened for 120 years.

On June 2, North Hessen Regional Mayor Walter Lübcke was found dead in his garden at home – a professional murder. He was shot in the head. At first, the murder was depicted as performed by unidentified assailants, but has been proven to be a planned terrorist act with Nazi terrorism behind it. The Nazi terrorist who is claimed to have committed the murder was mentioned by the Hessen Provincial Parliament during the NSU terrorist organization investigations, but authorities did not show the necessary concern.

It is said that in Germany, security forces always have their "right eyes" closed. Maybe if their "right eyes were open and careful," Nazi terrorism might not be this dangerous and such a big threat for democracy.

Walter Lübcke was a 65-year-old Christian Democrat (CDU) politician. After being a member of the Hessen Provincial Parliament for many years, since 2009 he had worked as North Hessen mayor. He was well liked, and Turks living in North Hessen also liked him. His sensitive and protective attitude towards immigrants made him a target for Nazi terrorists. He had been threatened since 2015. Lübcke was not only on the radar of Nazi terrorists, he was also a target for far-right populists.

His crime was being a democrat. In 2015 at an activity where about 200 people participated and the majority made speeches "against immigrants," he took a stance as a responsible government figure and said: "Those who do not wish to follow the values of our country can leave the country. Leaving the country is the right of every German." It is a very brave attitude for a religious Christian and a patriotic democrat to say, "You should go then," to those who saying, "Immigrants be gone." Lübcke chose to stand for humanity and was murdered for it.

On social media, Lübcke was known to be on the "blacklist" of Nazi terrorism since 2015, and many vile things were written about him, such as "while he was speaking against those 200 anti-immigrant people, why didn't you kill him?" After his death, we read comments like "We waited for three years, it is too late; an enemy of the people has been destroyed." State Nazi terrorism is now out in the open in Germany.

Of course, this didn't come out of nowhere. Racist movements like PEGIDA, far-right populist parties like the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and some of the media have made "xenophobia" a part of life in Germany for a long time. It is not a coincidence that AfD succeeds in every election. Politicians and journalists talk and write against Muslims, Turks and foreigners in general; they bear a huge responsibility for this. The 45-year-old Stephen Ernst, the Nazi terrorist who murdered Lübcke is in custody, but he did not commit this terrorist act alone. Federal prosecutors, who are responsible for the fight against terrorism, have taken over the case.

Germany is experiencing a huge shock as the details of the event are revealed. Nazi terrorists are a big danger and must be stopped. German intelligence and security forces have to open their "right eyes." It is especially important to evaluate intelligence reports and take necessary precautions regarding them in a timely fashion. Otherwise, this threat will not remain just a threat.

Germany's resolute stand against Nazi terrorism will prove to be an example for all of the European Union. Otherwise, Europe will be under threat.

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