Is Boris Johnson a new chance for the Scots and Irish?

Published 01.08.2019 01:17
Updated 02.08.2019 00:59

The question of whether Britain's most populist Brexit defender, Boris Johnson, is going to be the unexpected new chance for the Scots and the Irish should not surprise anyone. The "remain in the EU" tendencies of more than half of Scotland's citizenry are rather clear and visible. The majority of Scots do not want any kind of Brexit. The Scots are rather happy with EU membership. The Republic of Ireland also does not have any problems with the EU. On the contrary, the "poor" Ireland of the past has reached a very different spot thanks to EU membership. The Irish have not hesitated about EU membership and they do not intend to change their status. However if any sort of "no-deal" Brexit with the EU without any agreement is to be mentioned, and if this is to bring Ireland and Northern Ireland's old borders back, voices to "merge the two Irelands" will be raised. No one should have any doubts about this.

Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be determined to have a separation with the EU without a deal. And he seems to be intent on having all of his preparations move in that direction. There are some who think that this is a "bluff." I don't agree with this opinion. First of all, the EU will not fall for this "bluff." Second, the separation that people who support Johnson for and Johnson himself, both believe that this is the "best for Britain." Even though I don't share this opinion, I respect it. After all, if the majority of Britain's citizens are determined on this matter there is nothing left to do.

Michael Gove, who is responsible for the no-deal Brexit preparations said, "We still hope they will change their minds, but we must operate on the assumption that they will not." Regarding the EU, it is also summarizing the new government policy. The promises being given by the new government and its belief that separation will benefit the country has considerable weight. Because of this, the government plans to end preparations at the end of October.

The government is preparing the greatest campaign in British history. Johnson intends to show the British public and the EU, how determined he is to end this matter on Oct. 31 by going through with a no-deal Brexit, which will also affect the assembly that is against a "separation without an agreement" and by gaining major support of the citizenry.

With his no-deal Brexit strategy and his "Truck going full speed toward the wall in front of it" image, Boris Johnson is sort of blackmailing the EU. Johnson and Brexit supporters believe that it will be possible that the EU will abstain from the chaos of a no-deal separation, and due to the potential harm this may cause to EU, may come to the table again. In fact, according to British Foreign Affairs Minister Dominic Raab, in such circumstances a new trade deal signed with EU may indeed prove to be advantageous for Britain.

However, on the EU front, experts of the matter are intending their strategy to be "remain calm and stand tall against Johnson's bluff," it seems inescapable for the "truck to hit the wall."

Now in this situation, the Scots and the Irish do not wish to remain in the way of the truck. While the British are committing suicide, the Scots and the Irish intend to live as they lived to this day.

If it goes like this, Boris Johnson will not keep his promise to "keep Britain together." On the contrary, he will be recorded in history as the prime minister that caused separations from Britain. In fact, he seems to have become a new chance for the Scots, who see a relationship with Britain as a "weight" for themselves, and the Catholic Irish who see the Brexit chaos as an opportunity to merge the two Irelands.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accused Johnson of following a path of a no-deal Brexit and has also specifically mentioned that in such a situation they will be holding a "referendum for independence." In such circumstances, the Scots will obviously choose independence with a crushing majority. Johnson should not trust the fact that 55% of Scots "denied independence" on a referendum carried out in 2014. Because the same Scots declared to the world that they wished to remain as EU members on a referendum carried out in 2016 with a crushing majority.

If Johnson is to reach his goal, peace in Ireland will be endangered as well because the EU border that will come back to the agenda and will cause the Catholic Northern Irish's goal of "merging the two Irelands" to be resurrected. We don't need to write in length the problems that will be caused by this.

As a result, Boris Johnson will begin a new era in Britain by a separation without a deal. In this new era, we are pretty sure that things that may occur will make the citizens of Britain very regretful. We say good luck.

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