Greek Cypriots continue their provocations in Eastern Mediterranean

Published 14.08.2019 22:49
Updated 15.08.2019 11:09

In the Eastern Mediterranean, unfortunately, the Greek Cypriots and Greece are continuing their war provocations. Merging the island of Cyprus with Greece was the greatest dream of Greek Cypriot and Greek racists. For this reason alone for many years they murdered Turks and Greek Cypriots that were not "racist" like they were. They drew Cyprus into a bloody conflict. They formed a terrorist organization named EOKA (Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston) in Cyprus to annihilate the Turkish population and to merge the island with Greece. Similar to Daesh's attacks against Arabs and Turkmans in Syria, EOKA targeted Cypriot Turks to completely annihilate them.

With the slogan of the "best Turk is a dead Turk" EOKA drenched Cyprus in blood. Unfortunately, because of EOKA, which at the time had the full support of Greece's army and intelligence agency, Greek Cypriots and Cypriot Turks lost all of their existing good neighborly relations. The Orthodox Church in Cyprus supported EOKA and its "Enosis" (the goal of merging Cyprus with Greece) nonsense. The Cyprus Orthodox Church was at the helm of the provokers of enmity toward Cypriot Turks.

The majority of Greek Cypriot politicians too, unfortunately, with their "provocative policies" made the situation worse.

The Republic of Cyprus which was formed in 1959 with Greek Cypriots and Cypriot Turks became a fiasco due to the fact of Greek Cypriots reluctance to share this republic with Cypriot Turks. In the 1960s in Cyprus, Cypriot Turks had to fight for their lives. Their villages were attacked. They had to leave their houses. They were forced to survive by standing on vigil against attacks on certain points of the island to defend themselves. Those who did venture to other parts of the island by leaving these zones were mostly kidnapped, taken as prisoners or murdered.

Because of this, the Surety Agreement was signed on the island when the Republic of Cyprus was formed and carried life-affirming importance for Cypriot Turks and it is still carrying this importance. Britain, Turkey and Greece as guarantor states have responsibility for the safety of life and property of the people living on the island.

In 1974 when the Greek Cypriot and Greek fascist military officers among whom the EOKA terrorist organization founders were also present and staged a military coup and "attempted a genocide" toward Cypriot Turks, Turkey launched a peace operation to stop the violence as a guarantor state. The perpetrators of the fascist coup lost both in Cyprus and in Greece.

The Cypriot Turks and Greek Cypriots who are living within the borders of their own states on the island in the north and in the south since 1974 have attempted many times to live as a single state, but they have been unable to come to any agreement yet. Greek Cypriots never came near to a fair solution and partnership. In fact, the possibility of a solution known as the Annan Plan, a one-time opportunity, was rejected by the votes of the Greek Cypriots as they said "no" while the Cypriot Turks said "yes" during referendums held separately in both countries. While there is a border separating the island, the EU, submitting to Greece's "veto" blackmail against other countries made only the Greek Cypriots EU members. This was probably the greatest of mistakes. The Greek Cypriots, who are EU members, took an opposing stance against attempts for solutions due to this. By exploiting the EU membership they prevented a fair solution on the island.

Now, since the energy sources in the Eastern Mediterranean have become prominent, the Greek Cypriots and Greece are playing a dangerous game with their same provocative policies. There are certain truths that Greek Cypriots and Greece are unable to grasp. First of all the island of Cyprus is not an island where only Greek Cypriots live! Second, the Eastern Mediterranean is not an Enosis lake!

The fact that Greek Cypriots and Greece who are trying to usurp the rights of Cypriot Turks and Turkey because they are unwilling to grasp these realities are members of the EU, does not change these realities. The EU is not a higher court where international problems are solved! The Greek Cypriots, to begin drilling activities in Eastern Mediterranean by forming an agreement with Israel which has problems with Turkey due to its support of Palestinians, is on the position of being a war provocation.

Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) have warned the Greek Cypriots and Greece as well as the other states supporting these two countries. Now Turkey and TRNC, by continuing their drilling operations in four different sections of the Eastern Mediterranean, are giving the following message to the entire world: Cypriot Turks are not alone!

And Turkey proved what it is capable of doing against threats toward it in Syria and Iraq.

It is continuing to prove itself. It is about to perform a huge operation against the terrorist organizations PKK and its affiliate the People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, east of Euphrates River at any moment.

It is well known that Turkey, which almost destroyed Daesh and inflicted great losses on the PKK and YPG terrorists who had turned northern Syria into a bloodbath, is not joking and doesn't hesitate to intervene when its interests are concerned.

We hope that the Greek Cypriots are analyzing the latest developments correctly. Because if they continue to provoke war they will be the ones responsible for what will happen. Our wish is for the EU to stop following Greece and the Greek Cypriots and prevent these two countries from exploiting EU membership.

Peace in the Eastern Mediterranean can only be achieved through cooperation with Turkey.

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