Europe must support Operation Peace Spring

Published 10.10.2019 02:17

Unfortunately, when it comes to Syria, Europe has been unable to make the correct decisions so far.

When people in Syria justifiably revolted against Bashar Assad's dictatorship and asked for democracy, the EU and other European countries that are not members of the EU left Syria alone.

The EU, which only supported the Syrians that were fighting for democracy with "press statements" remained content with watching Assad's regime use force against its people.

Following that, when the first refugees started reaching European countries from Syria, Turkey suggested forming a secure zone within Syria and to settle refugees in this zone. Syrians, who would be living in the secure zone under humane conditions while being protected from regime attacks, would not have to leave their country. European countries, whether EU members or not, did not answer this call.

Millions of Syrians without any choice were forced to leave their country. Not only the Assad regime but Daesh and the PKK's extension in Syria, the People's Protection Units (YPG), made life in Syria unlivable.

Europe again made a big mistake. It cooperated with the YPG in Syria, the YPG is a terrorist group just as dangerous as Daesh. They cooperated with

the YPG in order to defeat Daesh which had taken the lives of many people through bloody terrorist acts, including in European capitals.

In order to defeat one group of terrorists, they have supported another group of terrorists.

In Syria, they made a mistake by thinking they could put an end to terror by remaining on the side of U.S. which was one of the superpowers that supported either the YPG terrorist group or the Assad regime. However, the U.S. was after its own counterstrategies against Russia which had become very powerful within Syria due to the U.S.'s faulty policies. The U.S. wasn't concerned with Europe's interests.

It has aided the PKK's extension in Syria, the YPG, in order to make it stronger with large quantities of weapons, equipment and vehicles, in an attempt to capture northern Syria.

Starting with the EU, European countries were tricked by the U.S. as their main goal was not to defeat Daesh. The presence of Daesh was being exploited. The U.S.' main goal was to gain hegemony over the territory by using the "war against Daesh" as an excuse.

Daesh, which the U.S. and coalition forces under its command were unable to defeat, was defeated by Turk

ey's total commitment. Turkey conducted operations in order to preserve the unity of Syria and to defeat the terrorist groups, which had the goal of separating the country, and they saved areas under the control of Daesh and the YPG. Thanks to this, around half a million Syrian's were able to return to their homes. Now they are living their lives securely and peacefully under the protection of Turkey, in their own land.

The EU again made a big mistake and did not see this reality. Turkey was unjustly criticized. However, Turkey never had a desire for Syrian lands. All Turkey wants is to be a neighbor with a Syria that is free of terrorists and Assad's dictatorship. Turkey does not have the luxury to remain indifferent toward the PKK and YPG terrorist groups which are trying to gain control of border areas along Turkey by attacking Syrian Arabs, Turkmans and Kurds in order to organize terrorist attacks in Turkey from this region. Until a strong democratic Syria regime is formed and becomes capable of protecting its lands from terrorists Turkey has to protect itself.

In addition, Turkey, which is housing around 4 million Syrians and thus allowing European countries some comfort, has no place for more refugees.

For the Syrian refugees who are living under the oppression of the YPG on the one side and Assad's oppression on the other, a safe zone must be formed. If no safe zone is formed, European countries must know they will suffer a worse refugee tide and crisis then what they saw in 2015.

Turkey wanted to form this safe zone with the agreement of Russia in addition to the U.S. Unfortunately, the U.S. in this regard, due to its support for the YPG, is not following a constructive approach. The U.S. does not have a refugee problem. However, for the EU and European countries, the situation is different. The safe zone Turkey is going to form within its Syrian border and within a 30-kilometer area within Syria, is going to allow at least 2 million Syrians the chance to live within their own country. Because of this, they would not be forced to leave their country. And even some who are living as refugees will be incentivized to return.

This time Europe must not make a mistake! The Euphrates River will cause the terrorists within this zone to leave. In reality, this operation should be supported primarily by European countries. Europe must see this reality and support Turkey.

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