Don't believe the dark propaganda against Turkey

Published 21.10.2019 17:47
Updated 20.12.2019 01:10

“Turkey is attacking Kurds in northern Syria.”

“The Turkish Army is using chemical weapons against Kurds.”

“Turkey is forcing Kurds living in northern Syria to migrate.”

“Turkey is massacring civilians.”

“Turkey invaded northern Syria.”

“Because of Turkey, Daesh terrorists escaped from prison and they are on their way to Europe.”

“If Syria is to attack Turkey, NATO will be forced to defend Turkey.”

“Because of Turkey, a new migrant wave will surge to Europe.”

“The People’s Protection Units (YPG) fought against Daesh and now Turkey is attacking them.”

“Turkey is acting against international law with this operation.”

What can I say? If I were a European Union citizen and I had to hear these lies every day on TV and read them in the newspapers, I would also be crying out for Turkey to stop.

EU citizens are being fooled because they are hugely unaware of what is happening in Syria and think that YPG are their friends. At the same token they do not know much about Turkey.

This not only the case for EU citizens, but at the same time members of European Parliament and national assemblies of EU member states are also being deceived.

Lawmakers who do not know anything about Turkey and are totally foreign to the subject are being bombarded with lies day in and day out.

This quagmire of black propaganda is drawing them in.

This week at the European Parliament in the Strasbourg session, these lies and black propaganda are again going to exploit European politics.

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019 in European Parliament between 9 a.m. and 11:50 a.m. the subject will again be Turkey.

Turkey’s Syria operation will be discussed and so we must brace ourselves because we will be hearing many unrealistic claims about our country.

Those people, who have never been to Syria in their lives, but are fed with a constant stream of emails filled with lies coming from PKK terrorist lobbies, do not surprise us with their attempts to judge Turkey.

We are also not be surprised when those, who only know about the YPG from the “fashion model warrior” pictures published in French magazines, praise the PKK terrorist group’s extension in Syria, which is as dangerous as Daesh and is killing countless Turkish citizens every day.

Moreover, it is not surprising hearing those, who know nothing about the Kurds living in northern Syria and that Syrian Kurds actually hate the PKK and YPG terrorist groups, criticize Turkey.

If these precious members of parliament were to listen to Syrian Kurds instead of the representatives of terror barons, would they still give the same speeches? Representatives of the YPG terrorist group can come to Brussels or Strasbourg because the PKK terrorist group, which became rich due to human, weapons and drug trafficking, is able to pay their salaries and handle their travel expenses.

Syrian Kurds on the other hand fled to refugee camps in Turkey to save themselves from the YPG. They don’t have enough money to come to Brussels or Strasbourg, nor do they have lobbies that represent them.

If the Syrians, who are suffering the oppression of the YPG, PKK, Daesh and the Bashar Assad regime, were able to speak with the members of European Parliament, the discussion that will be had on the morning of Oct. 23 would be much more different.

In truth, the European Union and European Parliament had to support Turkey. If the goal is to fight against terrorist groups and annihilate terrorists, the country that has to be supported is Turkey.

If the goal is to solve the refugee crisis in a humane manner, the only country that has to be supported is Turkey. If the goal is to protect the unity of Syria and to make a democratic Syria a reality, the only country that has to be supported is Turkey.

Those who are going to make decisions against Turkey, which is fighting to preserve and uphold EU values, need to sit down and think about and question the lies that are told to them.

If only they could do this, the story would be much different.

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