EU must cooperate with Turkey for peace and stability in Libya

Published 13.01.2020 17:16
Updated 14.01.2020 00:13

The continuation of civil war in Libya is not only a disaster for Northern Africa and the Mediterranean.

The continuation of the civil war in Libya also means big problems for the EU. The problem is not only the refugees, it is much more. If Libya is to fall at the hands of anti-democratic powers, this will not only be trouble for North Africa, but it will also be a great threat to peace in the Mediterranean. Libya, which has one of the most prominent energy sources of the world, needs democracy for peace and stability.

The very fact that Egypt, which is directly dependent on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates from an economic perspective, is also tied to this civil conflict is a very unfortunate situation. Egypt is making a grave mistake in Libya by following their false dreams for minor gains by working with Israel and the southern Greek Cypriots.

EU member Greece on the other hand, only for the purpose of reaching its goals against Turkey that are also in contrast with the international law, is directly harming the EU's values by following a policy that would make the civil war in Libya even bloodier.

EU member France on the other hand, as if it is not a member of the EU, is supporting all the groups that are fighting against the Libyan government that is recognized by the U.N. in hopes of making economic gains from this bloody civil war.

Italy, which was until yesterday supporting the Fayez el-Sarraj government that has been recognized by the U.N., is on a path to change sides following some faulty assessments. It is hoping to gain economic advantages by doing so.

It is no surprise for us that countries like the UAE and Egypt are not enthusiastic about democracy in Libya.

However, is seeing EU member France, Greece or Greek Cypriots support war efforts against a government that has been recognized by the U.N., an acceptable situation for the EU?

Doesn't taking sides by EU member states in the latest "proxy wars" mean trampling EU values?

In this context, the EU's support for Germany, which is upholding EU values and looking for peace in Libya, should not be only talk.

Many EU member states are supporting Germany. This is a pleasing development. Germany is also seeing the important roles Turkey and Russia are playing in this matter.

It is also well known that Russia is supporting Khalifa Haftar and his forces, which are fighting against the government that has been recognized by the U.N. It is not possible to produce peace in Libya only by meeting with Russia.

Turkey's importance becomes prevalent at this point. If Turkey's determined steps at the table and on the field were not taken, a cease-fire would not be possible in Libya today. While Turkey was by the side of democratic powers in Libya and supporting the el-Sarraj government that has been recognized by the U.N., it was also aware of the fact that Haftar was a reality in Libya, and therefore it has taken very important diplomatic steps in relation to this.

If Turkey wasn't on the field, today Haftar would not have agreed to a cease-fire.

Thanks to the efforts of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, it has been made possible for the sides in Libya to come together at a table. Turkey, which has a very productive and meaningful dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin thanks to President Erdoğan's efforts, together with Russia, has managed to make el-Sarraj and Haftar agree on a cease-fire.

In addition President Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu, by signing agreements with Tunisia and Algeria, which both have very important positions in the Libyan crisis, gained these countries' support.

In order for the Berlin conference to become successful, Turkey and Russia managed to bring the sides fighting in Libya together in Moscow yesterday. Dialogue between the fighting sides before the Berlin conference is very important. We could be hopeful of the meetings that will be conducted under the leadership of Turkey and Russia regarding this matter. Erdoğan declared that, on Jan. 19, 2020, he would be making a single day trip to Berlin. This date is very important.

For the stability and peace in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the EU must see the role that Turkey is playing and should cooperate with Turkey. As a country that is both upholding EU values and democracy and as a candidate for EU membership and already a NATO member, Turkey is in a position where it is taking the most appropriate steps for protecting the EU's interests.

Not only in Libya but also in Syria, the EU must evaluate the role Turkey is playing. It is always mentioned that both in Libya and in Syria, a solution without Russia is not possible. And the key to allowing Russia to play an active role is within Turkey.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government have been taking all the necessary steps for peace and stability for years, both on the field and at the table.

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