Zaman daily as a tool for a criminal group and press freedom

Published 07.03.2016 01:15
Updated 07.03.2016 09:50

Feza Group, beyond being merely a media group, used to work as an agent connecting numerous criminal organizations carrying out operations against Turkey until the judicial body's overdue decision

After the decision regarding Feza Publications Inc., which includes the Zaman daily and other publications, there has been a series of criticism against Turkey in the international press concerning the freedom of the press in the country. The American and British ambassadors were the first envoys to express "concerns" regarding the decision, putting aside independence of justice and conclusions of the National Security Council on the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ). None of the management of the Zaman media group was independent of the Gülenist terror network.

And the media group was not informing the public, but conducting operations to implement the agenda of the Gülenist terror network.

Being organized clandestinely among the judicial and security system of the country, the Gülenist team used dirty means to realize its goals.

Zaman, which tried to put forth an image of being the champion of press freedoms, was the operational tool of an organization that imprisoned journalists "a l'epoque."

Abroad, the representations of Zaman have more visible links with the Gülenist terror network, as well.

The media group, in fact, was aware of the preparations of the decision to seize its newspapers and took measures to cause troubles in front of the implementation of the decisions of the judicial organs.

They reorganized the digital system to but a barrier up to the upcoming efforts.

The newspaper's circulation was also exaggerated, as its real circulation was lower from announced figures. Newspapers were being distributed freely as evidence of misuse of donations from innocent people. Who was not aware of the operations of the network?

Well-informed Daily Sabah sources have said that Zaman's real circulation was between 10,000 and 20,000, not 600,000 as claimed.

The discipline of the personnel of the media group was similar to the secret criminal organizations' operational discipline.

All the members of the media group memorized the same sentence to answer the questions of the judicial personnel who arrived at the media group's headquarters.

Sources from the operation at the building said that the exaggerated security at the building was much more than any other media group, even more than any official building.

"When the Sabah group was transferred to the state years ago, it took just one hour to take control of the newspaper. But it is now 48 hours after the decision taken by the judiciary, but still there is no full control," official sources said.

It is a complex network, which in fact, is not media, but an extension of a secret body.

So the problem is not the freedom of the press, since the Feza group was something other than media. It is an operational tool of a secret criminal network that tried to topple the government and form a hegemonic power abroad. And many times it also violated press freedoms.

This should be noted.

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