Alarm for global combat against terrorism

Published 21.03.2016 02:04

The terror attacks in Turkey should have already been enough for the international community to see the danger that the regional terrorist groups have gone global

The recent terrorist attack on İstiklal Avenue in Istanbul once more showed that terrorist organizations with global networks require a global response. Targeting people promenading on a calm street on Saturday, a terrorist blew himself up and killed civilians from different countries without making a distinction between their religions or nationalities.

Just like the recent terror attack in Ankara that caused the death of 35 people, the criminals do not ask for the identities or backgrounds of their targets, just like the terror attack in Paris in November.

Just like anywhere that has become the target of terror barons. We should admit that terrorist organizations have formed international networks with economies, human resources strategies and even small and medium-scale associations. A terrorist can easily be the instrument of another organization since the killers have no ideology other than bloodsucking. Even though some states use terror as a tool to reach their goals, terror networks still absolutely require a struggle at the global level. An Iranian and three Israelis were killed in the same terrorist attack in Istanbul. Perhaps Iran and Israel would never come together in an alliance to combat terrorism, but a terror attack targeted citizens of these two states. It is a tragic point that underlines the importance of the cooperation of all sovereign states, even those in opposite camps.

LE MONDE'S CIA CLAIM IN SYRIALe Monde article reveals Syrian opposition dissatisfaction with CIA. A Le Monde story published last week on two full pages contained the Syrian opposition's complaints of the United States.

According to the article, a Syrian opposition intelligence official argues that they transferred all the necessary information on DAESH's whereabouts in Syria to the CIA, but Washington did not prioritize these terrorist organization positions. The article titled " Syria: why didn't the Americans do something?" reports how the moderate Syrian opposition has provided detailed intelligence to the CIA on DAESH since. The head of the intelligence of the Free Syrian Army was referred to in the article complaining about the hesitations of the United States. In the same article, Robert Ford, a former U.S. ambassador in Syria, also spoke of the U.S. reviving the train-and-equip program for the rebels in Syria. The Syrian opposition intelligence official revealed a secret plan to change the balance on the Azaz-Aleppo axis against DAESH in 2014, which was prepared in detail, hour by hour, street by street. It was a secret plan to erase DAESH from Aleppo.

However, Washington delayed the implementation of the plan, saying that their priority was Kobani, according to the source in Le Monde who asked not be named said. It is a very interesting article and timeline, which is not too far to understand today.

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