No, the government does not shelter rapists... but what about Europe?


The debate on the Turkish law about child abusers is used by some circles to mobilize protests against the government

It is quite clear that there is "a center of influence" that is ready to get into action to corner and even try to topple the government at every opportunity. In fact, it is not only the government they try to target, but also that they question the consciousness of more than half of all the Turkish voters.

Sometimes it is a about a park and or some trees, sometimes it is a woman and her right to put on mini skirt, and sometimes it is abortion, which has become a topic of harsh debate.

Nowadays, another sensitive topic has been taken as an instrument to provoke the masses as "Children who faced sexual abuses" has become the newest issue of a debate that was instantly joined by some international actors.

First of all, Turkish society, which voted for the current government and the president of the Republic, has special sentiment toward children and the protection of women in general.

And Western society cannot blame Turkish people for minimizing or even ignoring children rights.

A mistakenly written draft law has spurred the ongoing debate regarding child-rapists. It is a reality that such a sensitive topic requires special attention and it should be made sure that the misunderstanding is resolved.

But, when it comes to Western societies, the sexual abuse of children, cases of pedophilia and child pregnancy have increased manifolds.

In order to prevent child pregnancy, the French government has issued a circular that will enable girls between the ages of 15 and 18 to get birth control free of charge, and without parental notification.

If the girl is younger than 15, according to the French circular, the blood sugar levels and cholesterol would be tested by doctors to enable the access to birth control.

More than 3,000 births and 12,000 abortion cases were recorded in France in 2013 concerning children between 15 and 18 years old.

Thus no European or Western country is in a position to lecture Turkish society on sexual abuses of children.

Turkish society and its state, with its moral values and legislation, are in the best position to provide protection for its children.

As we have already learned from the Gezi Park incident, the problem was never the trees. Likewise, the problem here again is not children or women. It is about finding the proper button to mobilize protests against the government and the president of the country.

It seems, however, this was not a proper button to mobilize the country but, it shows how deep attention is required from our lawmakers in order not to leave a space for plotters to invade.

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