The EU's trouble with rising enmity against 'others'

Published 05.07.2018 22:56

Enmity toward 'others' is spreading throughout Europe, threatening the lives and peace of foreigners on the continent

The European Union countries have recently witnessed three shameful incidents within their borders, while they were busy criticizing democracy standards in other countries, particularly in Turkey.

They failed to fulfill their own obligations on the migration issue and the fight against a rising far-right movement and Islamophobia. For instance, EU leaders met last week to discuss the migration issue but couldn't yield any positive outcome. Worse yet, the 28-member bloc gave a signal for the future of the refugee crisis – Locking the doors to the newcomers!

The rising enmity toward others is not a new phenomenon in the continent. For a few years, news articles on xenophobic, Islamophobic and racists attacks appeared on a daily basis in the media, reporting that the danger was at the EU's doorstep. The problem was unfortunately fueled by their politicians, too. The far-right political parties coming to power enabled racist groups to act more freely and spread their ideology in society.

While these parties were talking about xenophobic policies, two far-right racists organized a horrific attack on a Muslim girl in Anderlues, Belgium. The two attackers ripped off the girl's hijab and scarred her with knives. It was even reported that the two drew a Nazi sign on the young girl's body.

Meanwhile, in Germany, a trial involving the far-right National Socialist Underground (NSU) went on to its 400th sitting. In 2011, 10 people, eight of whom were Turks, were killed in Germany. The secretive terrorist group was found guilty of carrying out these bloody racist attacks.

However, the German justice system failed to prosecute those responsible for these attacks in real terms. Now, on July 11, a German court will give the verdict in a trial that has continued since 2013. But no one believes that justice will be served.As far-right attacks rise throughout Europe, no serious step has been taken yet by the EU states and institutions. Immigrants, Muslims and foreigners have become open targets for far-right and racist terrorist groups.

No one can deny the fact that the governments encourage those who cannot stand even the presence of the above-mentioned social layers in EU societies. The decision makers want to see "pure Europeans," but not "others."

Does this remind you of someone? Unfortunately for me, it does and I know I'm not the only one. Therefore, before it is too late, this point of view of EU decision-makers and the justice system should be changed, without delay.

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