Erdoğan's peace efforts and the UN summit

Published 23.09.2018 22:23
Updated 24.09.2018 01:09

President Erdoğan's insistence on protecting local people from any violent clashes in Idlib has resulted in a comprehensive agreement that will soon bring peace to the Syrian town

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be attending the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, at a time that the U.N. system is passing through its worst times. No matter that world science and technology standards develop day by day, the majority of the world population suffers from lack of safe water, food and health services. The development of science only serves the battle of the multipolar hegemonic powers, as diseases, poverty and hunger spread to different parts of the globe.

In such an environment, Turkey has become the symbol of policies of conscience which bases for the well-being of people on the Earth. President Erdoğan, with regards to his efforts during Teheran and Sochi meetings on the Syrian civil war, proved himself as the actual leader who contributed the most for peace recently in the region and accordingly the whole world. He took more steps than the totality of the other statesmen for enhancing a cease-fire in the Idlib region of Syria.

During the Tehran meeting held with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, President Erdoğan insisted for the announcement of a cease-fire in Idlib and warned of the possibility of a disaster in case of an operation of the Syrian regime with the support of Russian air force and Iranian land forces.

As was broadcast live on TV screens, during the summit, presidents Rouhani and Putin refrained from the idea of a cease-fire. President Erdoğan did not give up. He came together with Putin for the second time in Sochi and managed to persuade his Russian counterpart for a cease-fire in the city.

The risk of safety for nearly 3.5 million people in Idlib was eliminated following these meetings. Life-saving steps were taken by President Erdoğan. Syria, Iraq, Jerusalem and so on will the prior topics of discussion during the U.N. talks. Two additional key subjects for the New York summit are tuberculosis and the legendary South African leader Nelson Mandela, who passed away in 2013. The world leaders will participate at a meeting on that epidemic problem. And Africa will be also on the agenda of the summit as the year is also marked to be the year of Nelson Mandela.

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