Otokar candidate to mass produce Altay battle tank

Published 30.08.2016 00:00
Updated 30.08.2016 01:07

Koç Holding's defense company, Otokar, which developed the Altay main battle tank, announced it submitted its final offer to the Undersecretary of the Defense Industry (SSM) to start mass production of the vehicle, in a written statement on Monday.

"Following our initial offer in January, we submitted our final offer early today upon the request by the SSM. As the maker of the 100 percent domestic-made battle tank, we are ready for the job with our human resources, experience and know-how" Otokar CEO Serdar Görgüç said, adding that the company also eyed meeting similar needs for Turkey's friendly and allied counties in the future.

Saying that a number of Otokar products have already been in use by NATO and United Nations forces, Görgüç said: "We believe that Altay will attract attention from other countries following the start of its mass production, even paving the way for production possibilities in other countries with the participation of Turkey's allies in the project."

The final offer included the mass production of 250 Altay tank units and their integrated logistical support operations, according to the statement.

The mass production of the Altay tank is among the main agenda items in Otokar's future goals. Otokar, in accordance with the "Modern Tank Production Project with National Opportunities - 1st Period Turkish Main Combat Tank Design and Prototype Production Main Agreement" - signed with the SSM in 2008, has completed the development process and prototype production.

The Altay Project 2nd Period Mass Production Project involves the mass production of 250 tanks and their integrated logistical support activities. The Altay tank project, in which national resources and opportunities were used, was designed in relation to the Turkish Armed Forces'(TSK) needs.

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