ASELSAN develops mechanical wearable exoskeleton for Turkish soldiers

Published 19.04.2017 16:41

ASELSAN, the largest Turkish company producing defense electronics for the Turkish Armed Forces, has developed a mechanical external skeleton which will increase the performance of soldiers by supporting various types of movements such as walking on a terrain, running, climbing and jumping.

The device is called ASYA, an acronym for "Askeri Yürüyüş Asistanı" (Military Walking Assistant), and it will enhance the mobility of infantry and gendarmerie. ASYA belongs to the group of "wearable" products that, according to military experts, will reduce the impact of gravitation upon soldiers' leg and foot muscles and joints and will thus will help them to perform better.

ASYA was designed with a good body adjustment in view and enough flexibility to allow for fast movements. It can be activated in extreme situations and will allow its users to cover much longer distances without getting tired. It is lightweight and thus suitable for deployments in full equipment.

The exoskeleton is one of ASELSAN's important research-development projects and its first prototype will be presented at the International Defense Industry Fair '17 (IDEF), which will take place in Istanbul this May. While other countries are also working on similar projects, ASELSAN aims to assure that Turkish soldiers stay one step ahead on the battlefield.

According to the information released so far, ASYA will be compatible with other ASELSAN product developments such as wearable computers, smart battlefield goggles, and command computers and the wearable exoskeleton will be integrated into the CENKER control system for individual soldiers or squadrons.

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