Domestic armed UAVs planned to be delivered to Turkish Armed Forces in October

Published 24.04.2017 00:11
Updated 24.04.2017 00:12

Bayraktar Tactical UAVs, which are manufactured with national resources and described as fully domestic unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are on the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and have successfully completed firing tests with locally produced ammunition. The vehicles are to be delivered to the TSK by October 2017.

UAVs, which are integrated into the required software and hardware to be used in operations, are being delivered for the TSK's use. The undersecretariat for the defense industries announced that it is planning to add serial production armed UAVs to the TSK inventory by October 2017.

Noting that the missile missions continue with the already-armed UAVs in the inventory, the undersecretariat underscored that the work being done to integrate different ammunition into the Bayraktar Tactical UAVs is still continuing.

The ANKA-S Project, which is another type of UAV developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries, will allow the performance of command control tasks from a national satellite.

Because of the shape of the earth, armed national UAVs leave the line of sight (LOS) after a certain distance even if they fly at high altitudes.

For this reason, with the aim of extending the range, the authorities stated that the "Ground Data Terminal" settlement was completed to maximize the UAVs' visual range, and they are continuing to extend the range by transferring the control of the UAVs to other location data terminals. Therefore, efforts to increase the coverage area and range with additional location data terminals continue "at full speed."

In addition, with the ANKA-S Project, the UAVs will be able to undertake control missions from a national satellite and beyond the line of sight (within the coverage area of the national satellite).

Ability to update according to changing needs over time

Costs in production, transportation, training, and logistics have been significantly decreased thanks to the UAVs, which have been manufactured with domestic resources compared to those imported from abroad. Since the software and hardware design of the systemic units and the manufacture are carried out by exploiting domestic resources, the demand to improve the existing UAVs is increasing.

In the event of a breakdown or an air traffic incident, the rate of immediate intervention and readiness to be re-operational increases significantly. In addition, the integration of different useful loads to the UAVs to meet changing needs over time can be completed in a short period of time.

Other countries waiting for the projects to finish

The domestic UAV systems are considered to be an important export item for Turkey given their high added value. According to experts, both Bayraktar Tactical UAV and ANKA Operative UAV have chances to be exported. It was reported that negotiations were held with African countries, the Gulf states and some Turkish republics for the sale of the UAVs.

Status of other armed UAVs

It was learned that product development studies with domestic companies for fixed wing target-oriented ammunitions system are continuing. It was also noted that the request for a proposal letter was published for the supply of multi-rotor UAV system with explosives and the company proposals are still under evaluation.

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