IT for defense projects to be developed in Turkey

Published 17.09.2017 22:28
Updated 17.09.2017 22:29

With recently launched projects and decisive steps, the Turkish defense industry has increased its share of domestically developed and manufactured armaments and vehicles for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) to 60 percent. According to new criteria imposed in the production and procurement of defense industry products, it is required to have information technology royalties in Turkey and the restriction on technology transfer is not allowed. While the U.S., Germany and Western countries, who led the way in the defense industry, have been constraining the sales of arms, ammunition and equipment to Turkey, Turkey has set new criteria for foreign partner projects in production and procurement agreements for defense products.

Accordingly, it is required to have IT rights in Turkey and the restriction on technology transfer is never accepted, as well. Therefore, it is aimed to avoid the problems and supply shortages which may occur after the production, sales and usage processes. Joint projects to be carried out with foreign suppliers or foreign companies are conditioned to attach a conceptual design agreement. Copyrights for conceptual designs will be held by Turkish specialists and engineers. Turkey has focused on producing engine and power systems, which it regards as one of the missing areas, in the defense and aviation industries. When the deficiencies in this area are eliminated, a significant part of the problems will be solved.

A consortium of five companies is working on the engine of the fifth-generation national fighter jet TF-X. The country aims to generate one third of Turkey's exports with aviation and defense industry products together with the sales abroad, which will accelerate from next year on.

The homegrown attack helicopter Atak, the main battle tank Altay, the domestically developed training aircraft Hür-Kuş, drones, combat drones and national warship MİLGEM projects, recently realized by Turkey, will make a great contribution to the economy with sales abroad in the coming years. A total of $1.7 billion has been secured in export revenue for the Turkish defense and aviation industry in the first eight months of this year.

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