Turkey's domestically developed air defense missile system tests successful


HİSAR projects, carried out in order to meet the low- and medium-altitude needs of Turkey's air defense with domestic resources, have been tested successfully.Reports also said work on the Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System (HİSAR-A) and the Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile System (HİSAR-O) projects, developed using national resources to meet the low- and medium-altitude air defense needs of the Turkish Land Forces Command, were in process.

The HİSAR-A and HİSAR-0 facilitate the destruction of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and air-to-surface missiles. While the HİSAR-A is able to neutralize such threats from a range of 15 kilometers, HİSAR-O is able to do the same from a range of 25 kilometers.

Subsystem integration test activities were completed while system level development and testing process were initiated.

The tests of the HİSAR systems were carried out in Aksaray, a central Anatolian city, by Turkish defense contractors ASELSAN and ROKETSAN with the participation of the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries and representatives of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

A steep-trajectory firing was carried out for the first time from the HİSAR systems, while their 360-degrees protection was also tested successfully.

Flight and ballistic tests were also carried out.

For the first time in the campaign, within which control and guidance capabilities of the HİSAR missiles met expectations, radar, command-control and fire control, electro-optic and communications elements of the HİSAR systems were also included for the first time.

Thus, significant progress has been recorded regarding the system-level integration and tests. Target aircraft, target detection and follow-up, command and fire control and mid-range bombsight tests were successfully performed.

HİSAR projects are being carried out by the main contractor responsible for ASELSAN's system solutions.

ASELSAN is responsible for determining the system and subsystem requirements, communication software and hardware and to seek for solutions for radar, electro-optical, fire control, command control, a data link for mid-range bombsight and terminal bombsight.

ROKETSAN is responsible for missile development, which is one of the important elements of the HİSAR systems.

The HİSAR air defense missile systems are developed together with more than 100 domestic solution partners, mainly the Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), METEKSAN Defense, FNSS Defense Systems, Koluman, Savronik, YALTES and SDT.

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