Bidding starts for F-35 jets system integration contract


The Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) has announced the contract for the F-35 fighter jet for the development of a system that will secure information sharing between the Air Force Information System (HVBS) and the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), which will generate the striking power of the Turkish Air Force in the near future.

The SSM, which had been operating under the National Defense Ministry since 1985, was brought under the purview of the presidency with the latest decree issued.

The contract, initiated with the signature of the Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries, has been titled the HVBSJSF Integration Project.

It aims to secure information exchange between the Air Force Information System and the F-35 fighter jets, which are expected to be included in the Turkish Armed Force inventory this year. The system to be set up will ensure that classified information is transferred from the headquarters to the new generation of jets and from the jets to the headquarters in a safe and controlled manner.

The deadline for bidding on the project is Feb. 28. The producer will be chosen by the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSİK), which will meet under the chairmanship of the president.

According to a report in the Habertürk daily, the new generation of the F-35 fighter jets is being developed and produced in the cooperation of nine countries, including Turkey, under U.S. leadership.

The report also said the Turkish Air Force is planning to acquire 100 of the F-35 fighter jets produced within the JSF project. Turkey has so far placed an order for 14 aircraft. The delivery of the first F-35 jet produced is planned for this year.

According to a previous announcement by the SSM, the U.S. Defense Department has completed its search for European airframe and heavy-duty motor maintenance repair centers for the new general fighter aircraft JSF/F-35 and Turkey will be the maintenance and repair center of Europe for the F-35 fighter aircraft.

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