Locally developed unmanned land vehicle to be exported to Asian markets

Published 20.04.2018 00:00

Developed by Turkish defense contractors Katmerciler and ASELSAN, the Remote-Controlled Weapon Platform (UKAP) is opening to the Asian market.At the Defense Services Asia (DSA 2018) fair held in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur, 29 companies presented their products and capabilities under the coordination of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM).

With a 1,418-square-meter stand area, Turkey was the biggest participant of this year's expo.

The UKAP, which was recently produced by the Turkish defense industry, was among the products that stood out in the fair.At the fair, there was a significant development in the UKAP's sales. The vehicle's developers Katmerciler and ASELSAN, which produced the SARP Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform on the vehicle, signed a cooperation agreement with DEFTECH, Malaysia's leading defense and aerospace company. In this context, the UKAP will be sold in the Asian region through DEFTECH.

The UKAP is among the leading products for meeting the security needs of the unmanned land system.

Defense Industry Undersecretary İsmail Demir announced earlier that more than 20 platforms will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

The platform can be managed at close range with a handheld remote control. The large bag-type control device allows the vehicle to be sent as a vanguard to areas far beyond human reach, which in turn keeps troops and personnel out of harm's way.

The close control is used in situations where it is not possible to have full command with the remote control and when it is necessary to react in person or instantly.In addition, it can be controlled via satellite. Satellite control allows multiple vehicles to be used without distance limitations.With its modular structure, the vehicle can also be used for reconnaissance and surveillance, detecting threats with radar, rescuing injured individuals, mine clearance, drawing off different vehicles, etc. through its camera equipment.

The platform can be controlled within a 3-kilometer range with the remote-control kit. While operation time is at least five hours with the battery, it can operate up to eight hours with the generator. Projects are also underway to increase the speed of the vehicle, which currently has a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. The carrying capacity of the vehicle is up to 3 tons.

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