Turkish defense giants join forces to boost exports

Published 01.10.2018 00:00

Two new products developed to respond to changing needs and different customer demands in the Turkish defense industry were brought together under the same concept.

A new weapons system, Sarp Zafer, developed by one of the leading defense contractors ASELSAN, was integrated into the Yörük 4x4, which was brought to the mass production stage by Nurol Makina.

Armored vehicles manufacturer Nurol Makina continues to work on existing Yörük orders received from Qatar. Different hardware and weapons systems are used for these vehicles in various configurations.

A number of weapons systems in ASELSAN's Sarp Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform family, which is used in 20 countries, are integrated into Yörük vehicles for use against air, land and asymmetric threats.

The weapons systems in question also include Sarp Zafer recently developed by ASELSAN in line with its customers' demands.

Sarp Zafer will provide personnel in the vehicle with the opportunity to feed the weapon system without leaving the vehicle. In this configuration, ammunition reloading can be done without exiting the armored vehicle, further assuring the safety of personnel.

With its high stabilization performance, automatic target tracking and detection capability, Sarp Zafer enables the user to easily track moving targets and neutralize them with high impact. Sarp Zafer, which is capable of automatic ballistic correction according to target distance, speed and route, meteorological information and ammunition type, can also operate in harsh environmental conditions with its mounted thermal camera and day tel

evision sensor. Nurol Makina has recently made the Yörük 4x4 ready for mass production. The vehicle's protection level and equipment can be changed according to demand, and vehicle configurations that can meet different needs will be obtained.

The company, which is currently working on the establishment of a mass production line for Yörük orders from Qatar, will start the delivery of vehicles in different configurations prepared according to Qatar's requirements.Undergoing a rigorous testing process, the Yörük will be subject to mobility, qualification and blast tests in Turkey, followed by further tests in Qatar.

A digital display/control panel will be used on vehicles on demand. The personnel will be able to easily follow the information about the vehicle from the digital display and control all functions of the Yörük via the panel.

In cases where necessary, the Yörük can be commanded via remote command without a driver.

The level of ballistic protection for the vehicle can be adjusted according to need by adding or removing armor plates.

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