Turkey's T625 helicopter to be showcased at Bahrain Airshow

Published 14.11.2018 00:00
Updated 14.11.2018 00:09

One of the leading defense contractors Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) will be showcasing the first helicopter manufactured in Turkey using only local resources at the Bahrain International Airshow.

TAI will be exhibiting the T625 General Purpose Helicopter at the airshow, which is to kick off today and will last until Friday.

Turkey's first multipurpose helicopter carried out its maiden flight in early September in Ankara. Bahrain is viewed as a friendly and allied country with which the relations have gained a different dimension due to modernization activities for the attack helicopter and cooperation opportunities on platforms that can be improved in the short term, with work on the general purpose helicopter as the main priority.

TAI, which will participate for the third time in the Bahrain International Airshow, regarded as one of the most important exhibitions of the Gulf region, will take an important step to embody its branding and effectiveness in the Gulf region.

The T625 helicopter, which will be introduced to the users in the Gulf states, will be displayed in different configurations with the VIP cabin model leading the pack.

The T625 General Purpose Helicopter will be manufactured with advanced avionics and fully domestically produced facilities and capabilities designed for superior performance and quality of use, also taking into account future operational requirements. The mass production of the T-625 is expected to begin after 2021. Meanwhile, Turkey's leading aerospace engine designer and manufacturer, TUSAŞ Engine Industries Inc. (TEI) successfully carried out tests of the country's first jet engine late Monday.

The engine will be used in the T625 helicopter as well as some other domestically-made projects, while the technology in this engine will also lay the foundation for the engine to be used in other important projects. The testing area and core motor test of the TS 1400 Turboshaft engine were carried out in western Turkey's Eskişehir. Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) President İsmail Demir, who attended the testing ceremony, commented on the development as a big step for Turkey. The engine will have a maximum take-off power of 1,400 shaft horsepower (shp).

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