Aircraft to have local electronic warfare system integrated arrive in Turkey

Published 16.03.2019 00:53

Two Bombardier Global 6000 type aircraft, into which systems to be developed within the scope of the Remote Electronic Support/Electronic Attack Ability in Air Platform (HAVA SOJ) Project will be integrated, have been brought to Turkey, according to a statement by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) Friday.

The project has been initiated by the SSB to develop electronic warfare special mission aircraft.

Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) Chairman İsmail Demir, as well as the representatives of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ/TAI), ASELSAN, Air Forces Command and Bombardier, examined the aircraft at TAI facilities.

Receiving information about the aircraft and the systems to be integrated into them, Demir said that they have taken concrete steps toward the implementation of the system which had been envisioned and planned for a long time. "We aim that the systems we will build will have much more advanced elements than the systems used in various countries around the world," he added.

Previously, SSB and ASELSAN had signed the Remote Electronic Support/Electronic Attack Ability in Air Platform (HAVA SOJ) Project with a view to developing electronic warfare special mission aircraft and later transferred the contract to ASELSAN-TAI joint venture, the statement read.

Four HAVA SOJ systems to be built within the scope of the project will be delivered to the Air Force Command as of 2023. The systems will be able to detect, identify and locate enemy communication systems and radar (air defense, early warning, etc.

), as well as to mix, deceive and blind these systems to prevent them from being used against friendly elements particularly in cross-border operations. So, Turkish fighter aircraft will be able to carry out operations in a safe way.

The HAVA SOJ system, which has superior technological features than the Land-Based Remote Electronic Support/Electronic Attack (KARA SOJ) system will combine many electronic warfare capabilities on an aircraft. There is no other system with this quality known in the world.

All of the electronic warfare mission systems to be integrated into HAVA SOJ Systems will be nationally developed and produced in Turkey. It is intended that the modification and certification procedures for commercial aircraft bought under the contract will be made in Turkey using all national opportunities.

The project is difficult enough to be actualized by only a few companies in the world which have a say in the field of defense industries and electronic war, the statement noted, adding that it is of great importance in terms of showing the point that the Turkish national defense industry has reached.

Thanks to the high export potential of the product to be developed, the project will make a significant contribution to the goal of being an "information and technology-exporting country," it added. The statement also said that with the HAVA SOJ system, which can be regarded as the ultimate point in technology, being added to Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) inventory, a big step will have been taken toward the goal of minimizing external dependence on foreign defense systems.

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