Locally made electroshock weapon on way to Argentina

Published 21.06.2019 00:18

A Turkish defense company signed a deal to pave the way for the use of the domestically developed electroshock weapon Wattozz in Argentina.

Developed by Albayraklar Group, Wattozz, a remote-controlled, multi-shot wireless electroshock weapon, has seen demand from many countries of the world. Adnan Albayrak, chairman of the group, and Alfredo Brenner, representative of the Buenos Aires Diacrom Defense Industry Company in Argentina, signed an agreement for the export of the domestically developed electroshock weapon.

In his speech at the signing ceremony, Albayrak said until the introduction of Wattozz there were two kinds of electroshock devices in the world. He explained that the first type was an ordinary electroshock device for personal defense called the stun gun, while the latter was an American-made electroshock device, powered by nitrogen gas and capable of transmitting electricity to the target via dart needles tethered to copper wires at short distances. "Due to the inevitable opening of the copper cables in the air, it was not possible to target the desired point with this weapon, and after about 1.5 meters, the dart needles went uncontrollably in the air, scattering up to 60 centimeters and causing serious injuries to the face, eyes and neck," Albayrak added. He further said Wattozz was the first and only electroshock weapon in the world that could send electricity to the target by means of energy loaded modules wirelessly without the use of pressurized gas or gunpowder thanks to its mechanical ejection system, while it could also control the duration and dose of the voltage remotely by radio frequency.

The company describes Wattozz as "the most advanced nonlethal law enforcement weapon in the world." The weapon is designed to incapacitate an offender from a safe distance without causing death or permanent injury.

Albayrak further stated that they were in contact with many countries such as Germany, South Korea, Spain and Brazil for the Wattozz. He added that they planned to introduce several separate mass production factories in different cities of Turkey to meet extraordinary orders, so they decided to open Wattozz to domestic and foreign investors.

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