Turkey summons EU delegation head over his controversial remarks about Turks

Published 18.05.2016 20:38
Updated 18.05.2016 22:16

Hansjorg Haber, the head of the EU Delegation to Ankara, has been summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry following recent controversial remarks about the country's EU bid.

The ministry summoned Haber Tuesday and condemned his statements, sources said Wednesday on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media.

Speaking to a group of journalists last week, Haber pointed to the 72 benchmarks that Turkey has to fulfill for visa liberalization, saying that they had been clear since 2013.

Haber then cited a Turkish proverb, "Starting like a Turk, finishing like a German," which suggests a strong enthusiasm to start doing something and continuing in a well-disciplined way to accomplish it.

"It is the other way round here [in Turkey's EU bid]," he said.

Last Wednesday, the European Parliament halted the visa liberalization process for Turkish citizens in the Schengen zone, citing Turkey's failure to fulfill the necessary criteria.

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