Assad regime responsible for nearly 1,000 civilian deaths in 2 weeks, Turkey’s MFA says

Published 15.12.2016 12:33
Updated 15.12.2016 12:47

The Assad regime is primarily responsible for the deaths of nearly 1,000 civilians over the last 2 weeks, Turkey's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hüseyin Müftüoğlu said in a press conference in the capital Ankara on Thursday.

Müftüoğlu said that that primary aim of the truce deal in Aleppo brokered by Turkey and Russia is the transfer of the sick and the wounded to hospitals inside Syria and Turkey. He added that people evacuated from Aleppo are aimed to be settled in camps across the border.

Müftüoğlu noted that Turkey, Russia and Iran will hold a meeting about Aleppo on Dec. 27.

Turkey has a principal to advance to Manbij, currently held Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) dominated by PKK's Syrian wing PYD, once al-Bab is captured [from Daesh terrorists], Müftüoğlu added.

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