Turkey calls upon UN to punish Assad regime over Idlib chemical attack

Published 06.04.2017 20:42
Updated 06.04.2017 21:22

Turkey called upon the United Nations late Thursday to punish the Assad regime over the recent chemical attack against civilians in moderate opposition-held Idlib, which left over 100 dead.

In a letter penned by Turkey's permanent representative to the UN, Feridun Sinirlioğlu, Turkey said that the regime has violated the United Nations Security Council's resolutions by using chemical weapons and that Assad had committed war crimes.

Stating that the regime has used chemical weapons many times against civilians, especially in Eastern Ghouta, Sinirlioğlu said that chemical weapon use should not go unpunished.

"The regime that has the civilians' blood on its hands should account for its crimes. Turkey hereby calls upon the UNSC and actors that have influence on the regime to provide a halt to those inhumane attacks," he added.

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