Turkey, Romania, Poland hold political-military consultation meeting in Ankara

Published 19.04.2019 00:15

The fifth meeting of political-military consultations between the foreign ministers of Turkey, Romania and Poland is expected to be hosted Friday by Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in Ankara.

According to the press release by the Foreign Ministry yesterday, the outcome of the NATO Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in Washington on April 4, on the occasion of NATO's 70th Anniversary, will be assessed.

Furthermore, preparations for the leaders' summit to be held by the end of this year will be reviewed. "On this occasion, cooperation among the three countries in the field of defense and security will also be discussed," the statement added.

The fourth meeting of political-military consultations among the foreign ministers of Turkey, Romania and Poland was held in Bucharest on Sept. 11. Following the fifth trilateral meeting, the ministers will hold a press conference in Ankara today.

Aside from security-oriented issues, NATO's eastern flank countries, Turkey, Romania and Poland, have also been focusing on various issues, such as Turkey's EU talks. Romania and Poland have traditionally supported Turkey's accession to the EU. Romania's presidency of the Council of the European Union started on Jan. 1 and will last until June 30. With the presidency of Romania, a positive approach to Turkey-EU talks is expected.

This is the first presidency for Romania, marked by political developments and dossiers with a decisive impact on the future of the union. In relation to Turkey's ties with the EU, Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Meleşcanu previously said that Romania strongly supports the continuation of Turkey's accession talks.

Under the auspices of the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU held by Romania, the Romanian Embassy in Ankara yesterday held the inauguration ceremony of a Nicolae Titulescu monument, located on Atatürk Boulevard.

The Nicolae Titulescu monument was made by Turkish artist Sultan Burcu Demir of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Hacettepe University and with the support of Ankara City Hall.

Titulescu (1882-1941) was a distinguished Romanian diplomat, politician, lawyer, professor, minister of foreign affairs of Romania and the only president of the League of Nations reelected for two consecutive terms.

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