US to oppose normalization of Assad regime in international community, State Dept says

Published 12.02.2020 16:38
Updated 13.02.2020 09:57

The U.S. strongly condemned the escalating attacks on Turkish forces in observation posts and the civilians in northwestern Syria by the Assad regime, Iran-backed militias and Russia, while it pledged to undermine normalization of the Assad regime in the international community.

The U.S. Embassy in Turkey shared a video made by the U.S. State Department on its Twitter account, saying that the U.S. stands with Syrian civilians affected by the "grave escalation" and its NATO ally Turkey, which lost 13 troops and a civilian contractor as a result of the attacks.

The video highlighted that the Assad regime and its backers "continue to undermine a lasting cease-fire," while it noted that their brutal attacks must end.

"Until they do, the U.S. will use all its power to oppose normalization of the Assad regime into the international community," the State Department video said.

The U.S. Syria envoy James Jeffrey arrived in Turkey on Tuesday and attended a meeting with Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalın to discuss the Idlib crisis.

Their meeting highlighted that the Assad regime needs to stop its attacks on civilians and the Turkish military and must go back to the negotiating table to seek a political solution to the issue.

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