Women work for economic independence

Published 09.06.2015 00:00
Updated 09.06.2015 18:32

A survey of working women who have become prominent in the business world with their industriousness and innovative approaches, has found that economic factors exceeded social factors as a primary drive behind their entrepreneurship.

According to the results of the survey by secretcv.com that was answered by 19,365 women, 37 percent want to work in order to be more financially and economically secure.

A total of 35 percent of the respondents work in order to exercise independent decision-making, while 16 percent believe they should work in order to benefit society. Moreover, 12 percent think women should work in order to gain more social respect.

The general manager of secretcv.com, Okan Tütüncü, said, "We think that the hierarchy of needs theory, which emerged in the mid-20th century, is still valid. Women believe that working and gaining independence contributes to society and their own social lives. As long as there isn't economic freedom, social factors will take secondary importance."

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