Greece not giving up

Published 19.06.2015 22:26

People took to the streets in Greece as the most critical meeting with the European Union was conducted on Thursday. Thousands were cheering for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with chants of "We are not afraid, we are not stepping back." EU Finance Ministers met on Thursday to discuss whether Greece will or will not stay in the eurozone. While it appeared that the odds of an agreement were very low, a public display of support in Athens for Tsipras and the incumbent government was prominent on Wednesday night. People gathered in Syntagma Square where the Greek parliament is located and echoed a call for solidarity via social media against EU-imposed reforms. Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Zoi Kostantopulu, Internal Affairs Minister Nikolaos Voutsis and several other Syriza MPs took part in the demonstrations in the Greek capital. A statement from Syriza suggested that the greatest weapon Greece has is the support and solidarity of its people, remarking that all the people that gathered is a sign of the country not giving in to fear or threats.

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