OIC to focus on development issues in Islamic society

Published 20.11.2015 22:39

The 31st meeting of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) will be organized in the Istanbul Congress Center from Nov. 23 to Nov. 26 with the attendance of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at its opening session.

Since 2015 is acknowledged as a turning point for the international development agenda, this year's topic of the Ministers' Opinion Sharing Panel will be, "the development agenda following 2015 and the development problems of Islamic society." Member states will be represented at the ministerial level at the opening session of the meeting attended by Erdoğan. In the annual meeting, members are taking more concrete steps toward coordinating efforts in line with the topics chosen for discussion. Emphasis is placed on the importance of cooperation among member states and the recent developments being made. Some topics on the draft agenda were prepared by the 31st COMCEC Following Committee in Ankara will be discussed during the event.

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