Venezuela to change clocks to stave off crisis

Published 15.04.2016 20:56
Updated 15.04.2016 20:57

Venezuela's government is changing the clock again as part of its efforts to deal with an electricity crisis, although it's not giving any details of what is planned.

The move comes nine years after Venezuela created its own, unique time zone as a stroke of anti-imperialist independence.

President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday that the new change will take effect May 1. He didn't provide details, saying only that it's an emergency measure to prevent power outages as a severe drought reduces output at hydroelectric dams.

The late President Hugo Chavez turned back Venezuela's clocks by a half hour in 2007, to make afternoons a little longer.

The move put Venezuela's time 4 1/2 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, something shared by no other country.

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